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How to control emotions

How to control emotions Controlling emotion is reduced to be ignored

control emotions tantamount to ignoring them This is coupled with proper recognition of emotions and their ability to use or change we can distinguish four basic emotions ... anger, fear, anxiety and sorrow in the example described below to analyze to reduce or completely eliminate one of them -. sadness techniques described here, however, equally apply to other emotions
u understand that emotions do not come from nowhere .. / u Ask yourself: How I feel now? If you can, keep a diary when you feel sad, think about what might cause the Rate of its sentimentality scale of 1-100, where 1 is the worst .. and 100 the most intense emotions.
u Pay attention to thoughts, which at the time of the plot in his head. / u Lets say you suddenly feel sad, stop and analyze what you thought when you found the cause that brought him to the cause of us call automatic thoughts. For example If your head - completely unintentionally .. - avoid the lunch eyes in his head can happen I think I want to go.
u Write on a piece of evidence that the automatic thought. / u You could, for example, say something that has angered the boss, and it is too late to undo it.
u Write on a piece of evidence against the automatic thoughts. / u If you think about the deeper, you come to the conclusion that no one gets along with her boss , what is more, he can not release anyone, because the market does not have the necessary qualifications pracownikówz.
u ask yourself whether a given situation can be seen in more than its rational / u Analyzing the situation from the other point of view, for example, you can come to the conclusion that, despite disagreements with the boss, your position is not compromised. I still do not like their job and do not burn the sympathy of the head, but at least youll be able to voluntarily seek a new job, without worrying that you suddenly without money.
seafront EWS rate j current sentiment on a scale of 1 to 100 and see how much improved / u Not only wyposażyłeś new set of emotions, but you chose a plan that -. changing conditions in which You - .. will improve your mood permanently
u work on emotions while you are able to control them / u a lot of time requires a change in education through the way of thinking. Look on the internet or in books of exercises to help this process . When you are actively working, will help you eliminate unwanted emotions.
u You can also directly eliminates a lot of views, which again lead to bad thoughts and negative emotions / u Albert Ellis made a list of ten irrational ideas that drive us crazy None of them is the truth, but most of us are willing to believe in some of them ... you can get rid of these thoughts think of them as long as they do not believe that they are wrong
Here is the list:. Home - I must be loved and respected by all who are important to me. / em is sometimes impossible to avoid the enemy, some people are looking for conflict where possible. You can not condemn anyone to eternal sorrow, just because you can not please them. Home - must perfectly fulfill all the expectations that are worth something / em No one is good at everything he does, but if you feel that you have to be a perfectionist in every way, throughout his life will be undervalued and unhappy ... Home - .. People treat me unfairly because they are inherently evil / em Most people who have treated you badly have families who love them about the nature of every human being is composed of a mixture of good and bad qualities. Home - I can not control when I am treated badly, rejected, frustrated or really / em Some people are so abrupt, it is still losing jobs and friends because they do not .. I can not stand the slightest frustration Home -. external forces that cause suffering which can not prevent / em people who were prisoners themselves, they think of themselves as a traffic jam that. bouncing on the waves of the sea Home - have to worry because everything is dangerous and terrifying / em Many people think that the constant care will help them solve the problem if the problem disappears, select another point .. from their list of worries Home -. easier to avoid liability and an obstacle rather than that they face / em Even the most painful experience can be a perfect science of life and contribute to the development of our Home Page .. - can be happy as much as possible, doing nothing, enjoying and taking life as it is. / em If this is true, every rich man will do almost anything in life. But to be successful and still growing, it is necessary to take new challenges Home -. scares me when things do not go as I planned / em Can you predict how your life went.? Probably not. For the same reason, can not ask for something to happen exactly as you planned it, even in a short time.
misrepresentation seafront in . Unlearning. / u This makes things look worse than it actually is. Most of us are familiar with the phrase see the world through rose colored glasses. But if you look at everything through a dirty glass, you can get a distorted picture.

Here are some examples of Home -. thinking like all or nothing. / em Everything was good or bad if youre a perfectionist, youre a loser - .. over-generalization. One negative event turns in an endless series of defeats, Do not call me, no one would never want. Home - .. mental filter / em One negative event affects the perception of others - praise Disqualification .. If someone says something good about you , do not take into account not worry too much, when you criticize someone Home - ... drawing rash conclusions / em. interpret things negatively, even when there is no evidence that can confirm your results Home Page -. Mind read / em you can assume that someone you do not respect and do not bother to check whether it. in fact I just assume that the true Home -. faulty predictions / em you can assume that everything goes wrong and to make sure that this is true - Playing the .. - catastrophism - or underestimation. Imagine the look on your own or someone else through the glasses. May you think you are mistaken, because you or someone elses success are greater than in reality. Now imagine to turn the glasses on the other side and look at the same scene. now something that you or anyone else may seem less significant than it actually is Home - justification of emotions / em you can assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect reality. . If it feels, that is, thats it. - should. trying to motivate myself to repeat the action to do I, you need to do, etc. This does not mean that you want to do it; rąkolwiek of these things, and make yourself feel guilty when I take the statement of the word need to others, feel anger and frustration Home - tags / em most radical form of generalization error .... When. loser, a label When someone does not meet your expectations, you can talk about it Trash. Marking is usually characterized by a large burden of negative emotions Home -. Personalization / em you believe. you cause something bad, though in reality you have nothing to do with.
u embodied the positive philosophy / u. Try to maintain positive relationships with all people. He brings punishment quietly and logically, always listen to what others have to say - even if they finish in ignorance, not Remember that they are entitled to their opinion Avoid loud and aggressive persons can not compare .. Second, there is always someone a little better than you, and you become jealous and bitter sarcasm. Enjoy your achievements and plans. Develop professionally, this fight is the only way to success. Be yourself, have a feeling. respect Do not exaggerate, but - the world is full of people whose lives are filled with the false heroism to be disciplined, but not treated too harshly live in harmony with each other and with nature Enjoy life ... .

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