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How to be a good waitress

How to be a good waiter, waitress was recently very popular profession, especially among youth

waiter was recently very popular profession, especially among young people, many of us want to earn a little money, looking for work in bars and restaurants It should be borne in mind that only a willingness to work that is not enough .. employer has engaged us. You know how to handle the job. Here are tips on how to be a good waitress or waiter is good.
always no matter what happens with your customers smile. Try to smile is always honest. In Anyway, do not be sentimental and constant.
Always be kind to children. smile at them as if they were keen beings I have ever seen. Parents really like it.
When you see that the guests enter the restaurant, I immediately go to their menu card. Do not wait until they ask for it.
If you find that customers come to dine with a small child, ask them whether they need a special high chair or multiple chairs.
Read the menu. good waitress should know by heart the entire menu.
Pay attention to your clothes. Make your clothes did not pass any smell or smoke tobacco. Bad smell waiter does a good impression on clients. people behind their squares will frown, and certainly do not get the hint.
never ask customers to weather conditions. Whether the weather is nice or rainy and cloudy, I always say positive things such as -. I heard that on Friday will be warm and sunny Also do not forget to smile
There will always be a person who is the first place and do not know. what to order. In this case, you should inform the client to determine the specialty of the chef.
If you notice that customers are finished eating, go to the desk and collect all the dirty dishes and unfinished meals. not allow you to ask for it.
What if youre alone and you have to carry the table as soon as 8 or more guests? do. hour. Stand in front of the table and set a course in mind that the person in front of you, 12 hours after the left is 1, then 2, etc. When you give him a drink order, as shown by the clock. same goes for serving food.
customers have any additional requirements, see your eyes, saying that everything is possible. They prefer to look.
not count tip in front of guests. will think you are greedy, and that she did not want to be yet.
Never judge people by appearance. rich, of whom we expect big tips are usually the most demanding customers. we jump around them , hoping for advice, but in the end it turns out that you get a few cents, a pair of torn jeans and sweaters will leave us stretched up to 30% Therefore, always treat all clients the same way
Remember, the higher order, we serve a higher peak appetizers, salads, desserts and other specialties Always ask your question in the form of - you want to try it .... or ...? it sounds much better than to convince someone to buy.
Try to remember that the customer ordered a particular dish. If you have this problem or request was too large, number of tables and people sitting with him and save all the pages. Avoid questions for guests who are ordered to eat just want to give.
Finally, take care of their looks. makeup really helps. look attractive to workplace is very helpful. Remember, however, that restraint. Do not impose yourself tons of powder, just a bit points out its beauty. natural appearance is important.

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