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How to not allow themselves to be manipulated

How to not allow themselves to be manipulated manipulator depends on one thing: control

manipulator depends on one thing everyone can manipulate the controls or manipulated: parents, lovers, husbands, wives, friends, children, employees or employers Any relationship that is based on the manipulation .. for defeat. For this reason, You must learn to identify manipulators and learn how to deal with them. only knowledge of how not to let themselves be manipulated will allow you to retain mental health and mental health.
u Recognize manipulative behavior. / u Manipulanci good in one respect. control their other tactics are different, but the goal is always the same. manipulate someone, so they do what they want to manipulate the behavior of the manipulator can include threats, praise, a feeling of guilt or humiliation. keyboard can keep you in uncertainty by showing you turn over sympathy and charm and coldness and anger. in ones society, if you feel stressed or irritated, it May be that you are involved in a manipulative relationship.
u See how you give them to manipulate. / u Make a list of things that are done at the request handlers, and those who refused. write, if you felt every time.
seafront set in the tender striking places of manipulation. / u For example, if you are generous and loving may suggest that the failure to have his application means that you are selfish and egotistical.
u Stop justify captor. / u If you are responsible for their behavior, unhappy childhood, know that such an excuse is a part of his strategy. Beware of people who still play the victim.
u reject seemingly attractive offers for financial assistance, vocational or any other. / u The manipulator is always something for something. Gifts that these features are designed to since you something in return.
u Learn to say no. / u handler says no in a polite and rational.
seafront set boundaries and stick to them. / u that you need to gain emotional distance from them. Otherwise you can not deal with after you manipulate comments or behavior
seafront. disputes lies and half truths. / u In the discussion following the logic, not emotion. If necessary, the end dispute by saying, I agree or Im thinking differently. Hold firmly to stop. ready to repeat its position several times before it finally decides to let the clerk.
seafront ready for an escalation of the conflict. / u clerk will give up control without a fight. hear how mean and how horrible it hurt his selfish behavior. Activities manipulator can be worse than ever before. can completely abstain from contact with you. persevere in their decisions. Do not enter the argument and not allow access.
But be careful. Others can not handle defeat and find a new way to take control of your life. When we finally deal with manipulative feel a wave of optimism, strength and energy, you realize that you are responsible for their fate.

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