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How to be a good speaker

How to be a good speaker spending a lot of responsibility, performance increasing list of things to do? Shopping list, schedule, schedule of trips

performs many tasks, improving the performance of a list of things to do. Shopping list, schedule, schedule trips Since your job requires you to speak publicly, you probably want to have a list of important points to remember his address to the audience. You need not bother. Here is a list of key questions that need to pay attention to a good speaker.
u Take a positive attitude. / u
create a mental picture of success. Register to have something worthwhile to say and do it right. Believe that you will get the undivided attention of the audience laughter and applause. Imagine students actively participate in discussions, ask relevant questions and commenting positively discussed. feed your mind to a positive vision, this leaves no room for a bit of doubt and fear.
u Focus on your audience. / u
It will not be overly focused on themselves, their clothes, it evokes impressions and the mind of the audience, you must maintain these obsessive thoughts can distract you from the main goal: making .... the audience to understand and accept his message reminder, students want to succeed Good speakers can make meetings and conferences are in effect the public is not your critic, is your support to give them the love before you say the first word - .. and even they will be like
u or dynamic / u
Listeners do not want to wonder if it still feels. pulse. So do not read or recite your speech! spread it, as if describing a successful weekend. step away from the podium, showing freely, modulated voice, exactly as if he led a broad discussion. do what actors call illusion first time. If you use Power Point, use the slides as an appendix to the main content, rather than a script! remember the names of three speakers that you value most people I bet every one of them is that their energy, vitality, and sometimes dramatic. They ignited a spark in you, because they burn like a torch.
u Be careful. / u
carefully observe the reactions of the audience. If you notice confusion, return to the discussion of the previous point. If you see that listeners nod in approval, try to support their energy is added. On the other hand, when the audience starts to check the time, change pace, or tell an anecdote, to regain their attention. Moreover, the involvement of students in a short direct conversation, much to increase interest in his speech.
u Spread anecdotes. / u
Some of our most pleasant memories childhood fairy tales in which our parents read us to sleep, stimulating our imagination and move the magical places. As an adult, I still love stories that begin with once upon a time ... Good speakers know this, but begin their stories in other words. People think and learn through historyjkom, not statistics. Create word pictures and makes listeners feel as a participant in the events told you. tension builds as the author of a good novel.
u Ensure proper look. / u
loose, casual dress can get acceptance by a few people, but most of the accumulated expected to dress smartly. tasteful, professional clothing reflects his respect for the audience and the occasion for which to gather. Moreover, your actions and behavior should be confirmed by your professionalism. Unnecessary to say, the dress code will give you energy and confidence.
u be genuine. / u
do something else. Students are accustomed to the standard of speech and behavior, and thus immediately appreciate the creative speaker which exceeds the applicable standards. For example, use of unusual props, personification, trivia, original forms of interaction with the audience. follow the tips listed here, and your speech will be long remembered in the audience.

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