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How to behave during an attack

How to behave during an attack Participation in the attack often lose their heads and do not know what to do

involvement in the attack often lose their heads and do not know what to do little about this situation and it could happen to us every day at any time How to proceed when the robber to invade our home or ... position? What say you? above questions are answered in this article.
Follow the thief. robber will tell you what to do. They argue that whether or not you can execute commands unnecessarily upset the robbers, and use violence.
Bandit treated with respect. Talk to him calmly, in a nice way. Do not use pretentious tone. Also, this is no time for wymÄ…drzanie. With these actions the attacker to remain calm, and then reduces the risk that the use of violence.
not give Her eye contact with the attacker. I think that each do it. Looking at him will not help, but can only make the attacker feel threatened. But get it recognized.
Be careful and remember the different data. During the attack to check what it is time accurately describe the incident to police. Remember Bandit features. Then there is a greater chance that they catch him.
not a hero, if not professionally prepared in such situations. not know their options and whether the weapon can actually harm you. hero could unnecessarily endanger the lives of others and yours.
stay calm. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that everything will end positively. Do not end up with such thoughts that this is your end. not help you in any way and the only damage.

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