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How to Survive a Monday

How to survive Monday Even if you like your job on Monday morning certainly was a shock to the body

Even if you like your job on Monday morning was certainly a shock to your body during the weekend will be fun, use life, and not for one second did not think about your work now you have one foot in the weekend .. world and just think about it, to go back to bed. Before it will be morning and still not have anything done. So how does this change?
In the first half of the day read mail, news, blogs, and objects. recharge your batteries and stimulates the imagination to work. Remember though that remained to the end of the week you have 120 hours, therefore, do everything slowly and not overdo it. strain of mind at the beginning of the week can lead to depression. Try
. do not think people spend much time worrying about the timing and results of work you can do the opposite Monday irrational list of things to do at least what the New Years resolutions - you will never meet .... make all will result in burning, extinguish reduce the level of creativity and productivity
Are you a good cup of coffee -. strong and black -. or Yerba supportive mate Do not forget a healthy breakfast without food you will not have to push
been proven and tested .. that is a 40-minute nap in the middle of the day reduces the risk of heart disease and increases productivity. If your boss asks you what you familiar with statistics and reports on opportunities for savings through the introduction of compulsory leave.
arrange a meeting with customers no earlier than lunch. Both you and your clients will then be better mood.
control their own priorities. Do not immediately respond to every e-mail and other peoples problems. Do what you have planned. Most problems are solved without your help. Do not forget and do not engage in unnecessary discussion on Monday to save the voice of the possible
plan a lunch or a meeting with someone you really like it - .. For example, a favorite with colleagues so you can wait a little ..
Street on Friday next week. prepare a list of things to do, stop already begun work and clean up and organize your desk.
get up early on Sunday morning, as you stand up when you go to work. Set yourself mentally ready for Monday and the clothes in which you go to the next day on the job.
Try to be thankful for what you have. Think of how many unemployed people would like to be in place. Come. work with a smile on your face and think about the wonderful opportunities that you can make this week
can help you survive today said
work that I always give 100%: 12 percent
Monday 23% Tuesday 40%
Wednesday 20% Thursday 5%
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