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22 excuse to snap early from work

. Excuse to snap 22 early from work, days are getting nicer, its warmer, and some only dream about, to leave early from work

days get nicer, its warmer, and some only dream about, to leave early from work in order to do what is needed is some compelling excuse for the boss Here are some examples:
I just called my neighbor - flooded the entire basement of the block must immediately return home
If your boss loves animals, then surely you before putting the house, if you go with your pet to the vet! .. For example, your cat is fought hard to fight with their neighbors dog and needs help
got food poisoning matter where you got it, but it can not be your favorite restaurant boss
got diarrhea -.!. everything will be confused enough that nobody will ask any questions.
your girlfriend had cullet and do not know what to do. You must hurry to the rescue!
Your cousin is in hospital and youre the only one in the family. have to go at it tooth
Ukruszył you -. have to go to the dentist
If you are a woman, a mans head is simply to say womens issues - .. guys do not have the courage to ask for more details
are still at home? Call your boss and tell him that morning discovered lice in children. None will ask you to come to work. Lice are easily spread!
you go to a mechanic to replace the brake pads. There are not any time soon without any other conditions.
tell your boss that you have to go after the test results.
called neighbors. him sludge from the ceiling in the bathroom. Are you washing machine flooded, and you have to go home before
received a subpoena as a witness -. after all, nobody wants to mess with the law
called neighbors Her children are the best chance in the living room window, you must go ... to protect the house from cold and thieves.
cystitis and you go to a doctor immediately.
Are you afraid that youre late for work? Call your boss and tell him to zatrzasnąłeś keys in the car. already called for help, but it can take an hour or two.
I called the lady from the nursery. your child gets sick and you need to pick up as soon as possible.
you have the stomach flu. This is a great excuse, because the virus that causes it is contagious and the disease itself is very annoying. No one will want to catch!
neighbors cut down a tree whose branches have damaged your roof. you have to go home soon.
You have a terrible migraine. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows that the pain is unbearable.
She called security. in your house alarm goes off. You have to go check it out. called
surgery. have a bad test results and must be done immediately other tests.

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