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What are the ways to terminate the contract work?

What are the ways to terminate the contract of employment contract can be resolved u / u as follows:?

employment contract can be resolved u / u as follows: first
u the agreement between the parties / u concluded between the employee and the employer, including a statement of party line to the termination of employment,
2 u the announcement / u - statement of a party - employer or employee - on dismissal of the notice period,
3 u without notice / u - Statements one party on the termination of the contract without notice,
4 u over time, which is a contract, / u
fifth u the completion of works for which he contracted. / u
u contract expires / u in the cases referred to the Labour Act, namely:
first day of the death of an employee,
2 on the death of the employer,
3 within 3 months in jail
details. They are used only in exceptional cases under labor laws. For more information, see Article termination of employment without notice.
u breach of contract over time, which has been, or completion date for which was contained / u
Over time, they concluded that, get rid of futures contracts, such as a temporary contract, duration of the job or a contract for a trial period.
Termination of employment / u
contract expires in cases of labor law, ie: date of death of an employee, after the death of the employer, with the end of 3 months or detention as provided in other laws - such as the Law on commercialization and privatization of state enterprises, delete the company from the register of state enterprises terminate employment and director of the State enterprise workers on the basis of appointment -.

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