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Calendar 2012

. Calendar 2012 New Year welcomed the burst, but the slow holiday season probably already had time to forget

riotously greeted the New Year, but the slow holiday season probably already had time to forget So what can we do to add bravery and willingness to work Check the calendar for 2012 to see how long weekend.? Can save the most economical use of our own - always too short - pause .. Happy to be small, and the next will be appear in the Friday, January 6 more far-reaching plan for the rest below
recent celebration of the three phases. Magi, the first long weekend waiting for us on Friday, January 6 Zero leave, 3 days off. good start.
Another opportunity appears to be as usual on Easter, which falls early this year, 8-9 April. it can overtake and finish their holidays, but it is better to wait until May. Why?
reason that might allow us to pick up the whole pot to sit. May 1 falls on Tuesday, why leave beginning April 30 and using only three days rest of us enjoy the pool until be able to enjoy the week off! 7 in the price of 3? This promotion can not be found even in the best supermarket.
Next opportunity you do not have long to wait. Already in June will be welcomed next vacation -. Corpus Christi this year falls on June 7, by taking one day off - Friday -. again we can count on a long weekend, four days in July
not bring us the reason for the fans but it would be better in August. Assumption Day falls on Wednesday, so getting off on Thursdays and Fridays we have total of 5 days off.
next long weekend until November. All Saints Day falls on a Thursday, so thanks to one day provide a four-day holiday weekend. bad. Sorry, something for something. November 11, 2012 falls on a Sunday, so our enthusiasm You will need to fall a little lower.
most optimistic year is December. seems he wants to compensate for the unfavorable arrangement Christmas 2011 Christmas Day falls on Tuesday, as New Year Therefore, starting from the Christmas Eve holiday and taking four days we can enjoy for free -. . pay attention - to 11 days of Christmas and New Year break, Hallelujah. and December!
summary, using only 11 days this year we have a pool vacation rest after 34 days of the new year. Now I want to live!

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