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How to speed up your metabolism at work

How to speed up metabolism in your work Have you ever wondered how to use the extra time you spend at work course is not about shopping or meeting friends?

Have you ever wondered how to use the extra time you spend at work course is not about shopping or meeting friends, you can change your habits and routine work, which will help to further improve metabolism? .. Read This article and your metabolism will work with you every day.
u Rise / u Sitting
you burn 65 calories per hour and the state seems to lose 36 calories, but the minute. Try to be as much as you can on the job . Do not do to others. pofatyguj slightest thing in person. Also, during the call.
u Do not tighten the belly / u
Often we leave the erroneous assumption that starving weight loss. This is our biggest mistake, because often the few hours spent at work we get home and eat whatever we fall into the hands of such quantities of food at once our metabolism is unable to convert. Instead of głódw ready to swallow some snacks you can eat while sitting on the computer, driving a car or on vacation, which is available to any employee.
u not tucking in a non-stop snacks / u Some
tighten the abdomen and the other on the opposite gorge themselves during working hours. sitting at a computer near you to open package of chips, pack of Bathonian, a bottle of Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies waiting in line. eat all the time do not provide adequate job opportunities of your metabolism. not keep up with the digestion and thereby pushes the excess food into fat., take time to eat . worth eating is to eat about 6 meals a day at intervals of 3-4 hours. plan, which comes to hours of eating. chips and cookies, replace the sandwich with wholemeal bread, fruit or yogurt. you will not feel hungry after a long time Your body will be able to fit a lot less.
u chair, replace the ball / u
Not everyone can do it, but is dedicated to the people sitting behind a desk, who really have the least traffic during the day Change special ball office chair -. you buy at the store sports -. based on it will require you to power, the working muscles and maintaining balance. not expect nor how many calories you burn just sitting.
u reduce stress / u
stress when starting your metabolism works more slowly. To prevent the need for this diversion from the task, stretch and relax your neck muscles. Wait a minute rest to return to work will help both you and your metabolism.
u drink cold water / u
Drinking cold water is really a great way to hydrate the body correctly and to speed up the metabolism to work. probably do not know that cold water accelerates the burning of calories, because your body must use more energy to stabilizes body temperature. drinking cold water you burn 100 calories per hour.
seafront Snacks put on the left side / u
Swedish researchers have found that often reach for things that are on the right side. Often even if we do not control when our right hand reaches for another cookie. Lie, and snack on the left and right hands impede access, thereby reducing the amount of food as a result.

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