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How to deal with your boss

How to deal with your boss probably everyone had a bad experience with the boss

... Probably everyone had a bad experience with Head Bad bosses are everywhere, I do not know what makes them so bad it may result from their character traits, you simply can not be created for the management group of people or not proper disposal . Anyway, I think that every bad boss also has a good side. to uncover them and then it may be that the work under the supervision of that person proves to be easier. read the article below to learn how to deal with a bad boss.
u is not included in the case of emotional / u
Depending on the type of personality, you have your boss, there are specially equipped with a variety of tips to deal with it. Often, however, these bad traits lead to difficult situations in which too critical and can not treat workers as human beings. When you find yourself in this situation the best you can do is to keep emotions under control. not react to emotional behavior, as this could lead to even more abuse. best in this situation do not take it upon themselves the boss says. can then better understand that it already is, and let his critics in one ear and other relief.
u Plan B / u
When you are dealing with a bad boss is likely to feel the fear of confrontation or any unwanted discussion. This is typical and understandable. In such a situation it is good to have some plans for what to do when things do not go as expected. Your Plan B can be associated with the fact that you have collateral in the form of another job before you begin to talk with the head of a sensitive subject. You can also peel the second strategy and consent to admit a mistake. strategy can be many. You have to understand some of the boss and determine the best.
u not go to the debate and chat / u
If the tension between you and your boss reaches its climax it almost does not provide for conflict. You must remember that he or she is the boss and say that you can lose the most. Sometimes anger and restrain the claims dismissed and forgotten. If you come to talk, because no in any way possible to avoid, try to continue peacefully. Even if your boss would scream do not let that be challenged to explain his behavior with him, and what it caused.
u Think about your behavior / u
wdasz words before the battle head to think about their actions. Are there responsibilities that you are well. Are you working efficiently and give yourself as much as you can. It is important to be able to defend itself, and thus the defense debate. If you realize yes, but not the end of your work looks like it should admit its mistake and promised improvements. If you care to continue the work you have to change their behavior, otherwise the possibility of exemptions will be very real.
u Find yourself a mentor / u
In every society there is even one person happy to be recognized by all, including the boss. diligently to find a person who is a kind of mentor. close cooperation with such a person can bring many benefits. You can learn how to behave, what company has the most, and even what to do about with the head are much better. supervisor will know what the head requires special attention. For what can be proud of or is absolutely not be tolerated.
u Make a list / u Another
IEM for those who can not cope with heads prepare the list. list must contain all the positive and negative behaviors of supervisors. you do not have to show that the head of the list, but keep it and understand it. Thanks to learn which situations and react negatively head which is positive. This will allow deliberately avoid unpleasant future for you to talk.
u get used to bad habits boss / u
Unfortunately, sometimes its just that people are angry with nature and nothing will not change. In analyzing the nature of the boss and his behavior you can see that this is not the result of his family problems, or relating to the status of your only way out is to get used to his bad behavior. Sometimes it pays not to take things personally, especially if it is known that the person with whom we deal is more like a sign.

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