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How to prevent occupational diseases teachers

How to prevent occupational diseases teachers While many people think that the interest of the teacher in school work easy, comfortable and easy, anyone who has contact with children and young people know that its not entirely true

Although many people think that teacher interest in school work easy, comfortable and easy, anyone who has contact with children and young people know that its not entirely true key. Success in this profession is, of course, a passion, but even the most avid and teacher by profession has to think about prevention of occupational diseases that are associated with work in school.
Every teacher should have free access to the class to vote. Unfortunately among other training is so important for all teachers complain about the voting issue. exactly vocal articulation protects and provides little opportunity for exercise, what should be left to each employer. voice lessons to learn diaphragmatic breathing, proper articulation, use short periods of rest and relaxation from the respiratory organ of speech.
According to official studies, teachers have a of the groups most affected by the disease to vote. Only opera singers are more prone to diseases such as singing lumps, inflammation of the pharynx and larynx and vocal cords hypertrophic changes. to create long term affects of fatigue, strain the voice, speaking in an elevated tone, stress, smoking,
etc. To avoid this problematic disease to apply some simple ways to relax the voice. If you have a lesson to try to give as many initiatives of their students. plan lessons so that every quarter there were five minutes to speak with his voice breaks during the time, children can solve the task, draw, or -. for young people - to share their insights and work of the group if you have a lecture, and you are forced to try to speak. least once every quarter to take a minute break, you can save time in the big names on the table and drink a little water if possible. after 45 minutes of exposure to make a five minute interval. After a series of lectures, try to give your voice a little relaxation. Prior to any use of speech organs to make a brief warm up, do some simple exercises, move your tongue, it clicks, to imitate a horse, purr. Of course, you have to do all these exercises in the presence of students,
Be careful about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition and adequate amount of sleep. When you are relaxed and consciously relaxed start to use your voice.
Remember also to the corresponding room temperature, the optimum conditions for the voice of the temperature is 18-20 degrees.

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