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How to not be bored at work

How to not be bored at work before you open the text should appear on the mark

Before you open the text should appear on the stamp -. Only for employees because it is not to increase productivity and improve the skills to do what otherwise would OROBICA reap considerable satisfaction. I absolutely do not apply on these methods alone, because the employer.
u play computer games / u To
playing computer games is a good way to not waste time at work. I work with someone who is was really lazy all day lying solitaire on the computer, and generally do not pay duties. changed even a table, of course, only with the consent of the head so that the computer monitor was not visible to others. First of all, the point is that the boss, who saw all of the His office just do not see this screen. It was very clever, but unfortunately after a while this person is caught.
chat online / u
Talk is a great way to kill time at work. What are you doing? & bdquo, Im at work , Do you break? , No, I do , If you do, how he came to chat? . Many people who work on computer is not necessarily used to work, jump in the chat as soon as the opportunity arises.
u chatting with colleagues / u
How to talk to other employees of the company you work manager wkurzał not - its easy to talk and get to work This is a great way to make friends with fellow great fun, especially when the weather starts diary and still looking at his watch to see you .. In the end, you end up changing.
u not do nothing / u
re looking at a stack of papers, lying on your desk, overwhelmed by the enormity of the task that you set for this day and think, you do not przemęczyć. Well most anything. overzealous act by rules do today what you have to do tomorrow, but you just do not belong to them, so why not tomorrow what you decorate today ...
u Have fun at work / u
This solution is particularly effective for people that,. . again work in the toy store or shop with some gadgets in every one of us jam a little child, and once in a while does not include in this baby I wrote that the gadgets are the best place for the kind of coverage if your Head caught. autkiem You play with remote control, you can always remove words that tested this model, and if you are caught playing gameboy find that customers complained about the equipment and had to check.
u nap at work / u
nap at work is a great way to not get bored. Journey to the land of dreams is certainly more interesting than to fulfill its obligations. unions principle is one - no one needs to see that just chilling out tried and tested place wc just turn the key and you can sail off course, it all depends on what you are resistant to odors, because I know what is actually designed this place .... If the toilet appears to be above your strength may be in a place where you work is a journal , which is rarely seen. colored owl.
seafront family plan events .. / u
This time you will need a calendar to something else This is not another meeting with the client on the designated date, only captures events plan for the entire year, but how many: birthdays, holidays, etc. Please do not take the time to plan aside one day for an event is important to work all the details. Your family is so large and numerous circle of friends. Happy planning.
u Mobile chat / u
is not about talking with potential buyers. not know what is happening with a friend, wondering whats for dinner, a friend just moved and want to know the details. Obviously you have to use a work phone, because the head of the private talks when they realize they do not talk business. If the conversation becomes longer and the head starts to ask something you can complain about the client with whom the conversation took place, - ... the boundless all you need to explain to him several times
conclusion, in my opinion, nobody should use this method in this paper should work and give it away now have a break, you can use one of the ways to not get bored. I hope that there will be criticized for my views. You have to remember that hard work is appreciated and often have to lazy to change it. Maybe you have some ideas on how to not be bored at work?

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