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What should be a good boss?

What should be a good boss and complained the boss is one of the favorite weekend entertainment of our countrymen

Head is one of the favorite weekend entertainment of our countrymen rarely hear opinions about it, that a boss is a reasonable, responsible person, competently performing their duties, but very often we hear complaints like ..: My boss is crazy, He knows nothing , You have no idea, and all critical , He treats us like garbage. So how did you become a boss, what they wanted employees?
First of all, respect all employees. Whether referring to the Deputy Head or sprzątaczce half for no one can see from the top. This seems contrary to appearances, will be captured quickly and will immediately be accepted by the supervisor of his subordinates. Remember that life is long and different things can happen, so respected by all, as you will ever need their help.
If you are fair to their employees, the only thing left is to build a reliable communication between you and the rest will make a smoother now. parent should tell the employee what thinks right. If the head turns and wraps around the bush, you should not expect a positive impact. boss-employee system should not be too close, but surely there must be full of confidence. head should be determined by-loyalty, and employee has to feel safe in the care manager who is always behind him patches.
good boss knows his work and the work done by his subordinates. However, if you happen to normal, instead of criticizing the head has no idea about the subject, he would should leave the workers alone, and catch up as soon as possible
head should be a role model for employees -. accuracy, excellent organization of work, honesty bit forget. can expect from their subordinates what they could achieve alone. When nakrzyczysz Secretary for the end of three minutes, while he himself came to work and when you want, do not be surprised that a woman will soon hate.
Be a man! Nobody likes służbistów! Remember your humanity and the humanity of its employees. This does not mean that You can exploit, but if your employee has received a call that his child is born, and not turn your nose that is used for holiday demand, but offer to greet his wife and release it as soon as possible to the house!

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