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How to get closer to nature

How to get closer to nature and everyday stress that we look for the signs so bad that Ruby and I because of headaches, neuroses

seeking everyday stress and gives us a sign so bad that Ruby and I therefore headache, abdominal neurosis complain of too little free time, spending too much time in the city noise., In the midst of everyday life. Remedy for these problems May be closer to nature. with nature soothes, relaxes and helps us to gain distance. feeling the effects of Mother Earth, an appeal to our primary instincts and feel the surge of energy.
daily to find even five minutes. Especially now, when spring weather is warmer every day, its worth taking the time to look at the world. On the way to work or while walking the dog to sit on a park bench and look around carefully. Open at this time, all the senses, and youll see lush green foliage, youll hear birds chirping and the smell of freshly cut grass, a gentle breeze, warm sunshine. Take five minutes into the nature of compassion, and rising from the bench a lot happier and more alive than when he sat down on it.
least once a month treat yourself for longer sessions. Ideally, they would choose to bicycle in the woods among the trees exercise will affect your mood perfectly. If you do not feel like pedaling, take a trip by car. You can bring a lunch with family and spend all day in the woods, walking, resting and looking for signs of animals. You can bring the appropriate atlas and try to highlight a song, fungi or plants, so the occupation. This tour is not enough to relax, and our knowledge expands.
This is part of nature, to at home. even if you do not have a garden, we are left with a balcony or even a pot to grow your favorite plants. their protection, planting, pulling allow us to relax and unwind. It is also great ... time to think and solve problems in this paper, we came to the head are the best ideas and solutions that we could not figure out for weeks
Do not be too long to ask children about animal watching or playing with the dog - better - a healthy cat is watching television program playing with a cat is curious and often we gives reason to laugh, and when the animal is tired, właduje unceremoniously on his knees and fell asleep, giving us the same parts of the disinterested, but the heat forced .. Dog and mobilize us to move and find the right dog love and faithfulness. If you have no conditions to any of the These pets, let us at least for an aquarium with fish. underwater world can be exciting, while being highly decorative.

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