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How to behave on the practice of students and graduates

How to behave on the practice of students and graduates Graduates looking for work often starts from practice

Graduates looking for work often begins in practice this is a good solution for those who want to gain experience in the profession, and additional references the practice to prepare and train recruits in professional internships are an opportunity for many ... people. After this consultation, they can get a permanent, profitable work for a reputable company. Students practice treated as an investment in the future. values ​​are primarily gained experience and new contacts in the industry.
What determines the choice of this particular place of industry and business. money does not plays an important role also. occupied practices, success depends not only on students, but most of the employers who should be clearly and precisely determine the position and assign tasks to the job. Poor organization of working time for trainees and badly chosen tasks and goals are the reason for wasting the enthusiasm and potential apprentices. good and helpful experience is the commitment and motivation of students who need to adapt to the requirements of the employer.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for practice and do well and show you how to get the confidence of supervisors.
- Lets be concrete and Professionalism responsible for the tasks entrusted to us and Professionalism means accuracy, reliability, and compliance with the rules in the company of Home - impeccable dress ... Caring for the right look and dress for work is a sign of good ethics, women should not look too provocative, and Men should not look extravagant clothing should always be neat and well appointed Home - ... Niewdawanie rumors guideline that should be ... in accordance with the new job speaking or writing something that can only cause problems for us is trying to avoid unacceptable gawędziarstwa , we do what we believe to be Home -. be self-sufficient from the start, we should take care information and materials. in the future do not ask unnecessary questions of independence and commitment will be positively accepted by the society and the same employer at Home -. ... a positive attitude combined with enthusiasm for this basic feature for gaining experience in the first, the job of your dreams does not załamujmy On the other hand, if something goes wrong. No one immediately alpha and omega. Give yourself time to implement the work. If you do not know or make a mistake, do not go out of it directly to the employer. to help you can always turn to colleagues or classmates .. company will always be someone who will tell you what to do in a given situation
As part of the purpose / goals, we should use SMART principle:
S-specific objectives should be: clear and precise outlines exactly what you want to achieve in practice
M-measurable.? goal must be to achieve some measure, for example, to get the references served as practice-
attractive. goals must arouse curiosity, have invested more we can be bored, or demotywować
the R-realistic. Goals must be realistic, achievable
T-term: .. must have specific objectives end time

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