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How to take care of health at work

How to take care of health at work, every job, even this simple, has negative consequences for health and beauty

Every business, even this simple, has negative consequences for health and beauty of the work seems less and less women find time for yourself Taking care of your appearance, health and beauty goes into the background .. when fees are included. Long hours , exhausting work very negative impact on the complexion, skin, and well-being. However, it can be prevented by following basic principles and new habits.
behind a desk.
Office for the seemingly simple, does not require too much physical occupation. Such misguided thinking. long sitting at the table in front of your monitor greatly affects health. thighs and buttocks are exposed to the pressure which causes ischemia. Therefore, it can appear overweight and cellulite. can be avoided by using anti-cellulite and firming creams. Active leisure time also helps to avoid adverse effects. In this paper a regular break to allow for a brief respite from the constant sitting. Using your legs, not the elevator or a car, it comes to health.
work in the trade requires a constant standing, resulting in a feeling of heavy legs. In addition, you may experience swelling, you are not comfortable with such activities. It would recoup themselves at home. best in a sitting position with your feet, because it improves circulation. You can also soak your feet in a bowl water with salt. This will allow you to relax and unwind.
at home.
Home can also give bone health. work in the kitchen and laundry we have to deal with heat and steam, which badly affect the blood vessels. When staying in these rooms, our blood vessels wider, and after he left the meeting usually with colder temperatures, which directly affects their shooting. In this case it is good to use moisturizing creams and cosmetic restorative properties. daily supplementation with Vitamin C also helps capillaries. Agenda
Homework for cleaning and maintenance. contact with detergents and chemical liquids very negative effect on the skin of your hands, which loses its natural smoothness, it becomes dry and coarse. Lack of prevention leads to redness of hands and brittle nails. can be prevented by wearing gloves. Day care with moisturizing creams and lotions to protect against dry skin. the regeneration is good to see the effect of a beauty salon.

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