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What is the interview?

The second interview was a long day of unemployment, sudden sharp sound of the phone and in the end we were invited to an interview, the first jump for joy, and after a while coming, fears, after the meeting is not easy!

second day of long-term unemployed, a sudden sharp sound of the phone and in the end we were invited to an interview, the first jump for joy, and after a while coming, fears, after the meeting is not easy. Speaking of work, he spends many young men awake at night, especially if there was, like, I do not know what to expect. it can not hide, so the conversation usually associated with tremendous stress, which may inadvertently contribute to the perpetration of gaffes. most important thing is good preparation and composure during the meeting, and the rest will go a lot easier now.
gathering information about the company you are applying. Visit the company and examine it carefully, a few facts to memorize. Focus especially on the part you want to do. knowledge and your interest, youll make a good impression on persons language.
Prepare answers to commonly asked questions during the interview, so it can not be a surprise and jam. to such questions are: Home - Why did you apply only to the company itself in the position of Home - How do you want to earn Money Home - Why did you change the job - if you worked in another place - ? br - What are your strengths and weaknesses Home -?. Where you see yourself in 5 years
etc. Think about this issues at home and to put no intelligent response if the person recruiter will surprise us with some questions during the interview for a moment to think, much better is a moment of silence, of spontaneous, ill answer that can make us plunge.
Remember, always go to talk smartly dressed, shirt and jeans are absolutely unacceptable, even if you are applying for the position of the waitresses. During the meeting, try to keep a good relationship. sincere smile, calm and controlled voice, it will be a very good witness for you. very important to be
While everyone needs or wants to somehow get home from work, however, if you have no real excuse, you will need to reach for that purpose very well here are a few examples of apology -. Some of them a classic excuse others are a bit more creative, the other is likely to give the desired effect. But choose your pronunciation and try it on the head.
When I got up this morning accidentally took 2 laxative pills instead of Prozac. I can not get down from the throne, but otherwise I feel pretty good.
voices make me clean my guns today.
Nadwerężyłem back while playing bowling.
My stigmata reappeared.
I pursued my previous boss who fired me for not coming to work.
I just found out that I was involved in the work. By law, should not come to work knowing that my employee file may contain inaccurate information.
My psychiatrist started me on the jaw, muzzle, so I will not bite things in a surprise act.
dog ate my car keys. We catch rates go to the vet.
not want to reveal the real reason for my absence.
Environmental Protection Agency found that my house is completely surrounded by wetlands and I have to arrange transport helicopter.
Go to the Julian calendar to the Gregorian.
refuse to come to work as a commuter tax will be applied. I ask for my country.
deserved day.
playing golf with clients.
I have a medical examination.
I have a dentist appointment.
I have cramps.
I work from home. died
someone in the family. Br Im too sleepy
yesterday after a long day.
dropped urgent personal matter.
My fish got sick and I take her to the vet. My daughter
tangled round hairbrush, and I help her get her.
widespread solstice my spring / summer / autumn / winter.
I fell from a ladder, repairing the roof of my house and hurt my leg.
attacked and need to recover.
was robbed. thief took my car keys and drivers license.
I have a migraine.
eyes water from some reason, causing blurred vision.
m in the hospital.
Im still drunk after yesterdays events.
need a day to relax mentally.
arranged a crazy party yesterday and this morning I woke up next to a stranger who refuses to exit.
My car caught fire on the way to work.
mode, my car ran out of gasoline, and pushed it at the gas station, but then I got a hernia and had to go to the doctor.
My cat got into the car and I take him to the vet.
My boyfriend hit me, and Im a mess.
Coming out of my trailer, but I missed a step and fell, damaging the back.
My psychiatrist wrote me yesterday, new drugs and feel strange.
immediately go to hospital for coffee burns on my lap.
City teaches dice my street and I can not get out from the crowd.
armored forces with me and not allowed to leave the house.
My wife is too sick to get out of bed and I stay home to care for her.
my waterbed bursts and flooded my entire bedroom.
My daughter ran away from home, so you should stay and come back.
will be .. I died today.
My house is flooded, while standing on the dresser in my bedroom.
I do not feel strong enough now.
I wanted to dye your hair blonde, but it came out blue.
salary was spent on the lottery coupons, and another payment of gasoline.
cosmetic stick stuck in my ear and I have to go to the doctor to remove it.
I overdid it and now the horse is still a go. I can not afford to establish, because I would die.
I have the flu.
my wifes breasts are sore after breast enlargement surgery, so I have to stay home and be massaged.
My husband underwent vasectomy yesterday and today his przyrodzenie is swollen, so I have to be at home and do it. Terrorism Unit
closed the street after a former employee shot and underestimated some people.
My fear of open spaces can still rock out and the colors to come.
Springs are in my garage door broke and I can not get out of the garage because the door will not open.
my spirit guide says something bad happen to me if I leave the house today. If
Ill tell you why I can not come today, Ill have you killed.
curiosity to hell.
fails to submit the truth.
My dog ​​gives birth to puppies, and I must help him.
My cat gives birth to a girl and I have to help him.
Someone broke my window this morning, a large blunt object.
dislocated elbow as breakfast in the microwave oven.
slipped in the shower and knee pain. In principle, I can not walk.
injured while shaving and it hurts when I walk.
hit the bathroom.
I slammed the keys in the car.
slammed the door.
My dog ​​died.
My street is flooded, and I can not go.
Someone in my driveway poured tons of sand, and I can not leave.
My cat is afraid of talking in my sleep and jumped out of bed, table alarm clock house, who came from a battery and therefore overslept.
not what to wear.
My washing machine is broken and I have no clean clothes.
no water.
I turned off the electricity, so you can be ready, because I see nothing.
suffer from NO. lack of ambition.
Last night a friend came up to me, that I saw, and he hugged me so hard that I broke a rib.
wink not sleep all weekend because of the new girls recently met .. If you know what I mean .. My asthma
you really hard time.
tried to pull her daughter from nursery nadwerężyłam and back.
Today on the way to work I broke a tooth. Ill have to go to the dentist.
exhaust pipe in my car broke down.
in my car, brake released.
I have a flat tire on your car.
cut with a hot water faucet in my shower.
stuck in the toilet without toilet paper.
night, unless they had to turn off the power, because when I woke up this morning my alarm clock flashing.
My cat is lonely and stressed, and if not Ill spend some time with him, will not stop peeing on the furniture.
My wife said she still gets pregnant, and I want to be with her when this happens.
chain fell off my bike.
fallen into a nasty job or something.
My cat hid the car keys, because they feel lonely when Im gone.
I took a shower and I dropped the soap, when I bent down to pick them up I slipped and fell, broken lip, turning the ankle, back strain, but the finger, and next to the soap in your eyes.
childcare did not come today, so I have to look after children alone.
I had a hammer. wait for police.
dashed in the corner, and Im in the ditch.

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