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How to breathe properly

How to breathe correctly art of breathing will help us in a simple way to control anxiety, beat stress and ease tense facial features

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Proper breathing will help us in a simple way to control anxiety, beat stress and ease facial tension most of us use only one-third of his lung capacity This is because breathing in the function of a natural not pay much attention. Mastering the art of full and rhythmic breathing is one of the secrets of a beautiful complexion, slim silhouette and ability, as well as good physical shape.
back straight!
If you walk bent over, his chest in the cage does not expand freely, and thus lungs can not fill the back straight głębi.Pamiętajmy and walking and sitting, hands on knees and feet flat on the ground-based. hand tilted slightly back and abdominal muscles and hips should be slightly in tension. suitable position to awaken in us the need for deeper breathing. Maintaining proper posture should become a habit.
deep breath as you sip strong coffee
When we are tired, niedospani and very hard to find, we thought, Let us stand with wide-open window of 2 minutes and breathe deeply the full chest. nose to inhale given slowly, trying her best to stretch the chest. Exhale also performed without hurry. Several such deep breaths quickly restore energy and desire for life.
Stresa air strikes
When you need to relax, lie on your back and get some air in both lung and stomach through the nose. Hold your breath for a moment and slowly blow air through the mouth, first with the stomach and then out of the lungs. strengthen uspakajającego actions can put one hand on the belly and the other on his chest. So Youll feel like fall and rise with each breath.
Avoid too tight clothing that might interfere with breathing
. exercises always do before, and never immediately after it, because physical activity can disrupt digestion.
breath as the nose filters the inspired air with dust and heat.

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