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How to effectively manage your time

How to effectively manage your time, Time is our treasure, but unfortunately, all too often happens that mindlessly trwonimy

Time is our treasure, but unfortunately, all too often happens that mindlessly trwonimy How often do we say then that day is far too How many times do we tell our friends who have no time .. patched and that we are far behind the work ? We need to save valuable time from now, from this point and pay close attention to every moment, which has so far escaped unnoticed.
Prepare a notebook all the time that we have with ourselves and our daily rozpoczyamy list
activity list should include:. Home - Home excitation time - during the morning toilet Home -
breakfast time - commuting Home - time spent at work - a division of time actually spent at work and the interruption - Home - save and overtime hours spent working at home Home -. save time spent with family
- time spent watching television, games, books, etc Home -. evening toilet, and the time of going to bed
Such a list will help us to see how the chaos in the distribution of government today already at the time of writing, subconsciously. we will increase our efficiency, because until now we have to catch errors.
prepare a plan for the day.
After about a week, our notes will serve us for other purposes. every night to sit alone and write an outline plan for the next day.
We record all tasks, appointments and other scheduled items.
Pilnujmy that the plan was too broad, as a rule, you should plan for about 50 percent of the time available, so we are confident that we will be ready.
plan is an individual thing. Do not be discouraged if at first so you will not be able to really spread out and all the time to perform tasks. Every day we see progress . Our plan will be implemented in more and more until finally write and enforcement has become so natural to us as our morning coffee.
This simple system can be compared to a diet plan and save money. In any case, we will first Make a list of habits, and then we plan to further

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