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How to cope in their first job

How to cope in their first job for the first paid job stress is always slow, but the excitement

First paid job stress is always slow, but the thrill I do not know what to expect, we fear the new environment and new people We are not sure whether we can deal with the entrusted tasks while. Dream of success and promotion. As the deal with the first stress and boldly enter the world of work?
u Believe in yourself / u Taking
dobrze try to work set to start and realize their abilities and knowledge.
u Look at the environment / u Follow
other employee habits at work inside the plant, will help you avoid the awkwardness of the beginning.
u Be friendly / affectionate and good / y / u
not only to their superiors, and współpracownikó in, and if nice people like you can expect to colleagues willing to provide you with guidance and assistance.
u not be afraid to ask / u
If you do not know anything ask me and ask for an explanation of the way, you will be hard to do the job if you do not know how to do it. At the same time try not to give the impression of those awkward and wrong. emphasis on referrals tasks and try to make them the best.
u not hide your mistakes / u
In case you make mistakes, do not hide it just to admit it, otherwise it can cause us serious problems.
u Listen criticism / u
If this is constructive criticism please do not be offended, just listen to her and try to improve. This is the first work it is obvious that you can make some mistakes to be corrected.
u On / u
Try to use your skills and abilities as best you can.
u Business is business / u
not to personal problems in society, it is never a good welcome. If you talk about your problems home, you should first know a good associate to find among them persons worthy of trust.
u Layout / u
personal hygiene and neat attire is always included. So remember to always look good, but not provocative. work is not rundown mode.

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