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How to be profesjonanym at work

How to be at work profesjonanym Adherence to dress code, or to arrange a lunch with the president does not mean professional

dress code, or to arrange a lunch with the president does not mean professionalism professionalism to express their attitudes to work, no matter what you do, but how to perform their duties here are some tips that should incorporate succeed in life .. at work. today
flawlessly. Appearance is important.
Be polite. Listen to what others have to say and a list of patience.
be enthusiastic, cheerful and friendly.
Be an optimist. Demonstrate that you have the honor and their beliefs.
treat others with respect.
Be worthy of trust.
Avoid abbreviations if possible to deliver more than what is expected of you.
Strive for perfection, not average. not extend deadlines and be willing to undertake difficult tasks.
be confident, focused and reliable worker, which is important for the company.
Be responsible for your decisions. learn from mistakes and try not to commit them again.
work interest of the customer and company.
respect the hierarchy and be honest!
Learn how to work in a team.
be faithful and honest.
Be a leader in its level in the hierarchy and give advice to other colleagues.

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