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How to be a good manager

How to be a good manager, you can learn a few techniques for motivation, so itll be a better manager

can learn several techniques for motivation, so itll be a better manager constantly supporting and motivating employees can ensure your business success There are several ways to improve employee morale Here are tips on how to do it ... and be a good manager .
always treat employees with respect, even if they have no respect for you. Losing your temper, swearing and encouraging public employees, we stop you seriously. Any employee, heard about his inappropriate behavior, immediately lose respect and wonder whether it will be the next victim.
showing interest in the private lives of employees, will create in them the satisfaction. Learn more about your employees, so that they could ask them about the family when they meet by chance in the hallway. Try to understand their feelings and treat them as people rather than goods. cause they feel validated.
Make employees feel they have influence on decisions in their cases. It is about working conditions, job title, dates and goals.
Create a friendly work environment. Check area adequately lighted, provided that it is warm and properly functioning air conditioning. Ensure that the entire area is clean and in good condition.
Remember the basic principles of a decent education, and learned as a child. Use classic phrases like Please, Thank you. Creating
program to reward the best employees. Make sure to get a public mention. It is necessary to appreciate the employees whose actions go beyond their duties.
Celebrate the success of the company. Organizing dinners for employees, show them a newspaper clip from the corresponding article or simply to gather together and express respect for that team, without whom this success osiągnąłbyś. This is one of the best strategies for motivating employees. Everyone wants to be commended for their hard and good work.
Stand behind your employees. be their best advocate. While it is important that the customer is satisfied, you should take care of their employees and take responsibility for their directives. give employees the opportunity to undertake additional activities that are focused on customer satisfaction. try to alleviate conflicts between employees and customers or suppliers.
Give clear direction and define priorities. This will help avoid any confusion between what can you expect from employees and what employees think they should do.
avoid job losses and cut jobs. Nothing will reduce the efficiency of workers of figuring out whether to run tomorrow. If you reduce the time, the precise reasons, and expresses disappointment that you have to do. explain to other employees who
and take, give them employment.

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