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How to overcome depression after losing their jobs

How to overcome depression after losing their jobs, losing your job occupies a leading position in the order of questions that can cause depression in adults

work occupies a leading position in the order of questions that can cause depression in adults Yet we all know that unemployment continues to grow If you recently lost your job and you feel depressed, here are tips .. how to deal with this situation.
u Accept the situation. / u First of all, you can not deny what you feel. You may be depressed. But do not let the long-term self-pity. Remember, this is just a transition period, and if you want to change something You must be intervention. Rise above their bitterness. If you think I can handle, ask help from friends or professionals.
u Make a list of things youve always wanted to do but never had time. / u It can be very simple ideas, such as cooking classes, dance lessons or improve a home library. This is an excellent opportunity to implement long-delayed plans and dreams. Fill your day with a specific activity, and youll soon find that the most fertile time your life.
u practice. / u Taking care of your body and allow enough movement to improve not only physical fitness but also mental. get up early just like when you go to work. but this time , wear running clothes and make a circle or two around the area. Maybe you do not have work right now, but Ive never been in such good physical condition.
u Connect with your friends Every question asked during the interview is to achieve the skills, experience and personality of candidates. All this in order to determine whether they are suitable for company profile. During the interview, you should always be willing to question what you say about yourself? Here are some simple tips to help you get a good gift for conversation.
Start with a short introduction of yourself. Introduce attributes that are key to an open position in further conversation.
Example: In my ten years of experience as a sales manager I had the opportunity to acquire many skills that will allow me to train, train and motivate new sellers
Summarize briefly your current career .. Keep in mind that the summary is to show their actual performance, so think about it and be objective. Limit your statement to the extent that actual experience. Do not go back more than 10 years
Simple summary. Recently, the company is working on a completely dead market recovery northern area. In this paper, I used the strategies I learned before the introduction of aggressive marketing. The result in both cases was wonderful. In just six months, I and my team increased sales by as much as 65 percent.
Limit your statement with information that the employer needs. Do not expect in an interview, provide all abilities and interests. You can tell that the employer knew or have the skills and qualifications that will be useful in your business. Example
short: Because of my previous experience as a group leader supplier for the interview came to the sales manager. What we have learned from previous jobs will be perfect for you to translate your business.
Ask insightful questions. These questions can not control the conversation. Do not ask questions just to talk. You must make sure your question will participate in conducting the interview discussion. So you can overcome the stress that usually accompanies such a conversation.
Sample question: what is the strategy currently used to increase sales?

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