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How to behave in the new company

? How to behave in the new company to Remember, before you were a new kid in school, do not forget the uncertainty of whether the other kids will want to talk with you, if you will like it survived, would in all, everything is very fine and find the new environment very quickly

Remember how you were before, a new kid in school, do not forget the uncertainty of whether the other kids will want to talk with you, if you will like it survived, would in all, everything is very fine and found in the new environment very quickly. Now a similar experience awaits you. start a new job in a place where everyone knows each other. seemingly similar experiences, but different. How to handle the new environment?
If youve ever watched a program about lemurs, perhaps Have you noticed that curiosity associated with the new animals in the herd is confusingly similar to the behavior of people. So it will be a new job. current employees will no longer perform their duties, turn away and will have to draw their necks as the best point of view. is unknown. not know anything about you, you have no idea if youre nice or not, its easy to make contact, learn quickly, work in groups, and whether and how your presence will change the relationship between groups in society. remove more mysterious in the shadows to clear the field for other, curious and courageous colleagues.
No matter what will be your first impression, u welcome all in the same way b / u, without favoring anyone. Give everyone a smile. Repeat the name of the person presented to you. will not only help to put names on the hunt, but also show that no matter what you do, do it carefully.
During the interview, said he was confident that if the position you are applying for the newly created, if it is after someone. If no, you will learn about his first working day. You can also hear several versions. rarely happens, so its going to workers has no effect on his colleagues. As it is rare that someone indifferent to the presence of humans. Or someone likes it or not . Thus, a new person to take ones place - it does not matter in what circumstances a former employee had to leave the company -. will arouse mixed feelings because people are accustomed to its predecessor, it is well liked and popular and smart and all just waiting, go to work. In any case, you have to face it, you have no way out. It will be easier, of course, if the predecessor was not well liked. If it is, and on top of doing your job and youll have more work. No need to ask the person who is and emulate. not the point. u Be yourself. / u People would get the goodness and honesty.
business should be very careful, if somebody wants to pull you into some great new friendships. u Watch out for the new guys, / u with whom you eat lunch, very nice very willing to help colleagues. Certainly there are people who are friendly and full of good intentions, but there are some false friends where you have to be careful. As a new employee, you are a potential new member of the group, but what if the workers are kind of divided into two camps? Which to choose? be neutral in the long run does not work. Do not be hasty, however. Before you make any decisions you need to know new people. So u Be kind to all / u.
To take into account the pleasant and friendly person, u show as someone who does not understand gossip / u. soon begin to spread rumors and be their eager, the faster you lose respect. youre new, people do not know, in politics, business, and now youre playing a gossip? Its not a good idea. not get people. difficult not heard gossip kolegówi friends, but to remain neutral. Some might attract buzz, but do not be too and going crazy. news is a powerful weapon.
working environment should not be a psychologist, who will solve all your problems. it does not work. u Leave personal problems outside the office door / u. Nobody wants to hear about your marital problems, obnoxious kids, malicious neighbors, or build a house. If you need to make a private phone call with your phone. best if the time it leaves office. not use e-mail gawędzenia business with friends.
work goes faster if you work in the group. Then everyone has their own land to do and focus only on him. But, if you see that someone can not handle, offer assistance u / u. u also not afraid of any application / u, if necessary.

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