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How to conduct a conversation

How to conduct a conversation, of course, you can hone your skills talk

Of course you can hone your skills in a true conversation can take considerable time and cost us a lot of effort, but ultimately worth it Here are some tips that will help more casual conversation ... br Listen to the seafront
/ u Ernest Hemingway once said: I like to listen to. I learned a lot of careful listening. Most people never listen.
Do not be like most people. Do not wait impatiently for their turn to speak . Be quiet time and listen to what others have to say. If you listen carefully to others, you can allow yourself to find many new tracks conversations in which he will not fall. When you remember who you went for an interview last weekend to fish with friends You ask: Home - Where to Fish Home - he loves the most in fishing Home - What else is interested in catching?
person who fits deeper into the topic and present to you the same clues for further discussion, just gotta listen.
u Do not ask too many questions. / u
If during the interview, do not say anything about myself, and asking many questions, your friend feel like hearing May be you think you have nothing interesting to say. alternative solution is exchanged questions and their opinions and ideas. Continuing the conversation you might say
a pop somewhere with friends and relax over the weekend. Me and my friends like to pop out for a beer and playing frisbee in the park.
This is great. we jumped on board in that month and trying this new bait boast.
This conversation may continue to flow. You can still talk about fishing or flip out about your favorite beer, or playing catch with a Frisbee or ball, or some other sport that you are interested.
u careful not awkward silence fell. / u
can happen, especially. when you talk to someone who only recently learned a few basic themes n, can be quickly exhausted, and we both shut up order To avoid such a situation: .. Home - Do not leave home before reading the daily newspaper if you run out of topics you can always start talking about the news, you read. You can also talk to several important topics, such zagadnij your favorite shows, so the other person can also watch it and tell you that the will of another, so silence is interrupted anyway Home - .. You can also begin to compliment the aquarium, which is in the room, a common friend of dress or music, you can always start talking about something that is around you, so that the caller will also be able to say something about this page -. If you can not concentrate on the conversation because youre nervous talking to someone recently met, I remember when you feel comfortable talking with your best friend and I will therefore pretend that the conversation with him. This will help you to better emotional state. When you are relaxed it will be easier for you to smile and chat with new friends, and because he feels at home. This is certainly a positive approach to facilitate the interview you.
in the corresponding message.
/ u One of the most important things during a conversation that is not what you say just like to say. level of your voice, how the expression of stress body language can completely change the meaning of the words that say that there are several things that you can do to make your message was clear and understandable: .. Home - slow down If you talk about something that stirs emotions in you, it is easy to disperse and talk faster. Try to pay attention and slow down. As a result, your caller will be easier for you to listen and understand what you mean. Home -. Speak loud enough to hear what wyrznie Do not be shy to speak, if the caller will hear every other word you say, you can be surprised that you have a problem with communication. Home -. Use pauses and commas between successive thoughts and sentences barge is always a short delay so people will listen carefully and understand more of your speech Home - ... * Work a little body language gestures and posture can make a difference. Read about the research of this topic will surely help in conducting an interview.
u not interrupt others. / u
never make this mistake and not interrupt when someone tells a joke, do not hear the words of someones comments on the speech, not to butt in his opinion, before someone else does not finish his speech. If your friend has finished his story, youll be able to make his statement or to express your opinion. to find a balance between speaking and listening.
u need not always be right.
/ u Casual conversation is not talking about a very important topic. need not always be right, and you are not expert in any field. During the interview so that he can not act as if you were a person, knowing all. Instead of Win all talk, just relax and enjoy a relaxed conversation.
u not begin bizarre and negative themes. / U
If youre at a party or other event where you have the opportunity to meet new people, try to avoid certain topics. no language to his poor health, failed relationships, a terrible boss, serial killers, the technical details that only you understand, and other topics can completely destroy a positive mood. religious and political themes enjoy talking with close friends,. LMI
u Do not be bored / u
you all night just to talk about his new car must always be ready to leave the facility .. who are not interested in anyone but you. To always be something to talk, just for an interesting life and always focus on the positive. is not his language that he hated the boss, but instead talks about the last trip, I will quote some funny situations, which again have their place in it.
Another way to always have something to talk about it, is interested in many areas of life. You do not have to be an expert, but it pays to get basic information on many topics.
u participate in the conversation. / U
You can not reply to questions short words, because even a very interesting topic will be bored. When your friend asks you a question, email to tell me what you think about it and ask him what his punishment.
start time of the interview. At the party, do not wait until someone comes to you and talk. first try to make conversation. It will be so very passive.
be afraid to talk.
/ u Can you feel that you have nothing interesting to say, but I still try. listen to what others have to say to you and ask them questions about the subject they are talking about. Keep your eyes always open, and maybe in your neighborhood you will see something interesting and youll be able to talk about it. Moving on to calm. do not require power, but it is well to reflect relax, any further attempt to establish a conversation will be easier than the previous one.

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