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How to set up a meeting

How to set the session stunning appearance is one thing, but models do not make money just sits and looks good

stunning appearance is one thing, but models do not make money just sits and looks good success determines their ability to represent and give photographers the opportunity to perform interesting and attractive picture So if you want to increase your chances of becoming a model or want .. be photogenic, read the following instructions.
u Check the soil. / u Look in color magazines and brochures advertising somewhat critical eye. Note that the model represents -.?. which is done with the hands, feet, head, eyes and a mouth that wanted to express emotions through it
u Proper Breathing / u Sometimes, when we focus on something or we are upset, it dramatically speeds up or slows down breathing It may then happen that when the picture hold your breath -. and .. it does not look good always be aware of your breath, hold it at a normal pace will be relaxed
. u
slightly stooped posture. / u Of course a few times you will have to correct the swing arm back, but generally a little careless attitude makes it look natural and free. This does not mean that you have too much down - though some photo sessions would require you -. If you are standing, spread your weight evenly on your feet and legs, where the emphasis is of course less draw. After it will look more natural. no slouch, however, too, makes your stomach feels bigger.
u be asymmetric. / u for more interesting .. pictures, make sure you do something different each side of your body you can put feet at different angles and tilt your head sideways and look like a doll asymmetry is very simple - just base your hands on your hips, making sure the hands are at different heights and bend one leg a lot more than others.
u Keep your nose away of the camera. / u Sometimes, looking straight into the lens you can get a pretty good picture. But in general it is better to look into the lens at an angle tilt nose slightly up or down a bit to the left or right, but my head is always to look straight at the camera page - .. Find out what angle your face looks the best Maybe you have an interesting line of jaw, tilt your head up, and then experiment a bit to the side or front of the mirror with her camera to see what angle you get the most interesting picture of his face home -.? .. Find out where the light fall. Keep in mind that cast shadows, and even the slightest shadow will affect the look of your face. If light falls from above, tilting nose down can cause the eyebrows will cast a shadow over his eyes, and youll look much more threatening than it actually is. If this is the concept of image, the effect will be perfect, but if you look friendly, try a different light.
u practice. / u Buy a digital camera, put it on a tripod and take thousands of photos. View your pictures on computer is completely free and you get another perspective on his person. You should know which pose is good for you, and you do not. Find out what the best time getting to know. most favorable pose for you, try different clothes Some positive fit with the elegant straight line costumes, while others look great with dresses practice with various props -. such as chairs - or the hand of the object - it can be a vase, beach soccer, whatever - or creative -.
u Listen paper photographer / u a good photographer, will present their opinions and honestly. What you need to do to get the best picture. Working with him and be grateful. Do not panic, you tense and tough leaves. Assuming that each pose and relaxed and keep contact with the lens.

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