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How to motivate your students

How to motivate your students Motivating students is a challenge that every teacher should stand

Motivating students is a challenge that every teacher has to face in the classroom consists of a number of students with different interests, abilities and social conditions of each of them has its own style of learning and its history,. Determines what and how they can achieve. As we learn that within 45 minutes to meet each student? What to do in science is as effective as possible? There are several ways. Read the article below, and youll meet some of them.
For each lesson, the teacher should develop achievable goals so that students can assess their progress. expect students who qualify, and certainly they do. Studies have shown that when teachers require students much, achieve good grades. no success.
motivates students to action by proving to them that they can relate to the lesson a success. teacher can vary the commands depending on the level of students. students work can be modified in several ways: shorter assignments, extra time to answer tasks to prepare only Life at home
Show students that teach them something useful for them in real life ... It is one of the most effective motivational techniques, especially for older students who want to know the purpose and significance of their work. Encourage students to discuss the new material, allowing them to share their experiences and talk openly about the difficulties associated with understanding the issues involved.
issues involved.
Ask students questions that encourage them to discuss. Make like to share News on your topic. First, give students time to be able to discuss the issue among themselves, and then explain all their interests are and correct any errors.
Use different learning styles.
use different teaching strategies to make instruction as the cheapest. class discussions are an excellent form of group learning. the direct instructions of the teacher you divide tasks so that students were able to independently carry out orders, both in the classroom, and after its completion. Remember that the students were Visualizers and hearing. The For this reason, we enrich your message to the prepared presentation or teaching aids.
rewards and privileges.
can motivate students to learn the work rewarding rewards and privileges. Teachers in this respect, a very wide range, such as the extra few minutes in the studio, awards, reviews, tours, thanks. This form of motivation is particularly effective for young students.
most important work with the student, however, be understanding and show him that he is capable and wise. Let your students gain confidence that they can be successful. Remember that the most effective motivation is positive.

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