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How not to spoil the interview

How not to spoil the interview the interview is a great advantage to reduce the number of candidates applying for a job

great advantage of the interview is to reduce the number of candidates applying for a job if you can get a good performance against the employer, it will automatically move away most competitors in the background At this point, your chances of getting a job increase dramatically .. . Of course the interview is not so simple. only a small hindrance to miss the chance to work. Here are some tips that it should not be doing.
u Do not complain about parking and signs. / u
not I think that such things do not happen. Employers in the interview does not want to hear that you could not find a place in the park, and parking was inconvenient. best and worst example of just such a slip is a man who said: - It is very Seven disabled parking spaces the door as a new law on a wheelchair, or what? short talk.
u not pointing errors of the former employer. / u
Even if you survive termination or other unpleasant experience his last work, in any case do not begin a litany of accomplishments of the old employer. do it! prospective employer then begins to wonder whether or not it will meet a similar fate in the future.
u focus on the details. / u
The selection process typically consists of listening to the employer with the whole course of his previous employment and duties performed by you. Before the interview, learn about companies that are applying for admission. Do not ask unnecessary questions and too curious. under any circumstances, ask for a bonus , salary, or the size of the office. Do not ask for any of these things during the first interview. should focus on the functioning and tasks of the company.
u hair is not. / u
Employers want to hire people dispositional who are unable to fulfill assigned duties, and are thrilled to work with. can not be too nervous and desperate. not show the employer how much depends on the job for you. If every word and gesture will say: Hire me, please!, the employer would not you love it. Try to control it. Unemployment is not fun, but I have a candidate whose strongest attribute is desperation, as if they do not serve.
u not answer the question before I do not understand. / u
can not answer questions not understand It will be a sign for the employer that the employer did not listen when you ask a question that requires further thought, consider each response carefully and do not worry about time - several minutes of silence .. room still does not hurt anyone . notice to the employer, then that tells a good person, and will certainly increase your chances of getting a part-time.
u not to think about other things. / u
During the meeting, the employer is able to assess whether the focus is on conversation, or maybe somewhere wrong thoughts. If youre wondering if you wait too long on the bus at 17:40 to the time at home and watch the match, the caller will notice it in your eyes. If you notice, that the somewhat estranged, on May ask a tricky question. Sitting in front of employers see him in the eye, do not look carefully at the ceiling or shoes.
the correct position. / u

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