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How to be organized at work

How to organize the fast pace of work and continually increasing number of obligations, make every moment is a measure of gold

fast pace of work and continually increasing number of obligations, make every moment is measured by gold, so why waste time searching your desk lost in the depths of account Why get upset because of the lack of stamps, which vanishes whenever.? When you need? Read the article below and learn how to organize the work.
Clear tray with all the unnecessary things.
Clean the table and wipe off the dust.
table to keep only the necessary items: a person. computer phone, fax, contacts
every day, put on his desk a list of the most important things to do
Sort mail into categories: accounts, read the back.
Use different containers for organizing office supplies, such as the paper clips, pens, staples.
invest in sticky notes and cork boards. Information on urgent matters put on the monitor, it is less important -. clip-on Corkboard
aside a special compartment for personal items
Special Use binders and plastic trays for documents
Create a folder on interesting articles .. and scan them into your computer
Enter system identification based on color -. color files, binders, etc. -. With this solution a lot quicker you will find interesting Information
not place in folders and binders. too many documents. harder then you will find all the necessary documents.
not clog drawers for files. overloaded the tray is difficult to find information.
divides large files into smaller pieces using appropriate spaces.
called back to customers in batches every time a client can not answer the phone, record the appropriate information and put it in a visible place -. such as cork board -.
Clean job with everything that is not related to the project work. will reduce the chances that something will distract you.
always keep on hand a collection of various cards and stamps for every occasion
kept in a drawer a flyer from your favorite pizzeria or restaurant. will allow you to quickly order food when hungry at work.
Relax at fixed hours.
At the end of each project, do the necessary paperwork completed and store documents. to the appropriate folder
At the end of each day - especially on Friday afternoon - clean up table, so you can start the next day to clean account.

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