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How to store information

How to store the information you need to learn a lot and you have to remember a lot of new information Studying for hours, but they often do not remember what you learn if you want to learn faster and remember more, read this article?

You have a lot of learning and you have to remember a lot of new information Studying for hours, but they often do not remember what you learn if you want to learn faster and remember more, read this article you will find tips on how to better store different data.
very effective way of structuring information compiled complete, which are color-coded map of the memory material. This map will help you see the overall structure of the subject and to see relationships between information. most prominent point. tickets must be the most important information, since it must leave other, less important or result from it
properly construct the memory map, use the following scheme: first
middle of paper to write about how you work, make a circle around it and save it as number 1
second Circle the withdrawal line, which saved the most important information about the topic. Flag as number 2 3
during exercise following topics will find more detailed information, which are components of the past or from them. They will create another level of information, select them as the number 3
fourth save at the end of certain facts or sentences and mark them as the No. 4 memory card
biggest drawback is that you can forget the marking line on the map. To avoid this, it is good to move to the general concept maps and save it in a few points that contain the most relevant information. learn, like the point you can use the line technology, which facilitates the storage of data stored in points This technique allows you to build a picture in my head, which is formed on the fact that the serial numbers assigned to various facilities Inderscience diagram might look like this: ..
one-piece shoe
2-3-4-tree print
6-7 -8-sky
9-line 10-hen
If the sign does not appeal to you, replace them with other words that are more meaningful.
Bind these words with consecutive data points, so that will soon remember, for example. 1-Parmenides
-Parmesan bun with yellow
2-Heraclitus, but warms Heracles - Greek Hercules -
Empedocles-3-wood, which can reduce the curved M - I - such as McDonalds, where you go to a bicycle pedal
4-Democritus-print for democratic elections
5-Protagoras-street bees digested the proton of an isolated atom
6-Socrates ... - ... bricks falling on the sheep for the juice through the bars
7-Platonic heaven where the angels have wings like silver PLATery
8-Aristotle-przeszkoda skipped riding on horseback through the aristocracy
9-Zeno-line for Zen Buddhist meditation .
10-Epicurus-flu epidemic spread by birds.
this method may initially appear to be quite complicated, but if you choose the proper words to the information they need to remember certainly turns out to be very simple and effective.
Another way of remembering information stored in the form of points is a technique that is based on the fact that you remember the number to imagine an object that has a shape similar to the figure. then associates this object is the information you need to remember
Forms assigned digits.
1-candles, spears, sticks
2-swan, nose, neck twisted
3-glass, a piece of heart
4-5-hook in the butcher shops, seafood brazen horse
time for cooking eggs
9-bubble with lace
10 Paying attention to these four areas can make the finished appearance of each recruiting appropriate staff member. During discussions often focus on the technical skills of candidates, despite their interpersonal skills. But we must not forget that technology can always be learned, but the employees personality changes a difficult challenge. Learning behavior of candidates in the past, we know what will be his attitude of supervisors and colleagues in the future. Below that is employed to determine the level of motivation and interpersonal skills of the candidates.
One way to determine whether the candidate had in the past, the correct position in the workplace is to ask him questions relating to four areas, we will mention in the introduction
u Leadership / u - whether the candidate is able to determine the direction to follow the company is able to convince the rest of the team
Recruitment simple question.
? - Please give an example of what you think / your previous employer require improvements and say how did MR / MS with this task page - Please give an example of the principles with which Mr. / Mrs. refused, but agreed. them Home - Tell me about a situation in which you were / your assigned new duties or functions. Do you think / that he was successful in this area
u Emotional Intelligence / u -? Does the candidate have the ability to receive mature, assessment and positive impact on your emotions and your team
simple questions Employment: Home - Tell me about a conflict with one of his colleagues. What is causing the conflict? What is a gentleman / lady ga mitigated? Home -. Describe a situation in which work successfully demonstrated that Mr / Ms tact and diplomacy Home - How to handle MR / lady in building good relationships with colleagues
u Motivation / u - whether the candidate wants to hone their skills in fully exploit their potential in order to best perform the tasks assigned to simple questions
Employment: Home - What are your / your career goals short and long term
? - Please give an example of a situation in which you put yourself / your ambitious goal, and describe how to overcome Mr. / Mrs. obstacle to the achievement of its Home -. Tell me about a time when little was done by Mr / Ms with their obligations, as well as those situations where you worked / Ms from the norm
u Temperament / u -. Does the employee attitude and personality fits are able to do
When it comes to business? , There is no such thing as a perfect personality. It is important to check whether a candidates personality in accordance with the requirements pertaining to a specific position.
IEM to analyze the job. Objective means to determine the conditions necessary for success in the position. This may relate to issues such as problem solving, decision-making ability, communication, interpersonal skills and leadership, motivation, planning and organizing, team building, ability to influence others
simple employment issues. Home - If the position requires teamwork: Do you love / work alone or in the band Home - If the position involves a specific style of management. Please describe your management style and what they call the most, Mr. / Mrs. attention to control others
- If the position requires excellent organizational skills: How to / your opinion, how important a place to which the gentleman / lady wants to organize what
Regarding the assessment of candidates, you should always look at the picture?. This includes appearance, body language, professionalism, education, skills, experiences, attitudes, motivation and interpersonal skills. If you want to select the best employees, look for those candidates who can demonstrate a positive relationship with his former associates who were able to give everything to achieve the goals of the company.

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