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How to prepare for negotiations

How to prepare for negotiations Everything we have achieved in life was to some extent the result of negotiations

Everything we have achieved in life was to some extent the result of negotiations no matter what you do, always such a situation occurs, you will need to negotiate something for yourself the trick is to go. Winner in this situation, without feeling that you were deceived. Some people think it is better to take what you offer, to avoid conflict. It may not be so. you can manipulate your opponents so that they will give you everything you want, thinking that he is a good negotiator. It all depends on how you prepare for negotiations.
u Master your fear. / u
biggest obstacle to success in negotiations is the fear. fear associated with conflict, conflict with hurt feelings, and even from being discarded. So the first thing you need to do is overcome your fear. Negotiation not confrontation. Yes, there is przesłyszałeś. not think of them as a conflict, but as a way to give something, and still get more. Trust you have the right to negotiate and that you are worth, what you want. never painful. effective negotiations are those in which both sides work together to compromise. With a little practice, you will be able to enter into negotiations confident, and at the end with a sense of satisfaction . ability to negotiate is a skill that you will begin to value and not be able to wait for another opportunity to use it.
u Determine what you want to achieve. / u
start is always lots of things you want to achieve, but certainly not all of them are equally important. you must decide which of them you can spend, and you want to get? exactly what you want to negotiate? clearly define your goals. Think about what you are willing to sell, which offers great value, which is the least important and what is the most valuable thing your opponent will react when we pray for him? How would you react when you ask for something from you? Think of as many scenarios, so do not be surprised.
u Try to understand your opponent. / u
success in the negotiations regarding the fact that they could predict the course. This means that you have to devote some time to determine what to look for another party. be as ruthless, as the situation permits , and learn about your opponents all you can. What are their likes and dislikes What is important for them and what they try to get? Try to identify your main goal. determine what is most important to them. Looking for anything that will get the advantage over them. Prepare for an interview before they happen.
u Develop a clear plan of action. / u
determine where and when the negotiations. notify all parties of the negotiations, speaking with stakeholders . not interfere with the secretary or other intermediaries and on unless really necessary.
Determine negotiating agenda. What will be your starting point? In which order will be negotiated each item and how long it will take to negotiate? Will there be a second round of Who will take part in the negotiations? When you set a clear plan of action, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals, and assist other parties to win something for yourself.

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