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How to avoid burnout

How to avoid burnout burnout occurs when a person for a long time working hard, they lose interest and desire to work

combustion occurs when a person for a long time working hard, they lose interest and willingness to work burnout happens to everyone, including soldiers, doctors, teachers, writers and musicians .. Even if you work in an office, are also sensitive to Heres what they need to do to avoid burnout ..
combustion itself is a subjective thing Different people react differently to the same events, but the best way to combat burnout is to stop this before it seems. In Japan there is a special the word Karoshi, meaning death from overwork. Burnout crap out of us will live, and makes even the simplest task becomes impossible. This usually happens if you take our work requires a lot of us, and we have little influence on it .
main symptoms of burnout is important to note increased fatigue, distraction, mood decline. professional workers burned more aggressive, they quarrel about anything, but this behavior is usually not in their nature. result is, of course, increase the number of complaints customers.
best way to avoid burnout is to recognize its early symptoms. two psychologists and North demands the whole process is divided into twelve separate phases. Some of them are more intense compulsion to work, ignoring their own private purposes - including the neglect of friends and family ., reduced empathy and depression
first IEM leads to avoiding burnout is to identify the operations of such period, caused by overworking employees. too intensive work leads to burnout, so the best way to avoid situations that require such work. In severe times for the company suggested that additional staff, even temporarily, which will facilitate the rest of their employees and prevent fatigue.
If your company has an opportunity to consult with a psychologist or organize workshops for employees, use this form to cope with fatigue and of stress.
Another way is to talk about fatigue and working with people around you. not solve the problem, but it will help relieve at least some negative emotions.
take several days off before the period of intensive work. short relaxation allow you to regain energy for the tough days and the symptoms do not bother you so uncomfortable.

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