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How to behave in case of harassment at work

How to behave in case of harassment on the job every facility manager or supervisor may be sooner or later for harassment in the workplace

Each facility manager or supervisor may be sooner or later for harassment in the workplace is most important, of course, calm and thorough review of the cases here are some tips on how to behave in this difficult situation, br
The most important thing you need to do is to carefully record everything. Some companies even have special forms filled in this situation. If you do not have such a form, try to carefully and systematically describes all. If a worker leaves
allegations of sexual harassment, you must document all the details, if you were to write the whole story on this subject - what, who, where, when -. This will be your starting point if you can not get accurate information to the circumstances of the case at least set a date and time
If a person is attacked by a co-worker, telling her to inform her abuser that his behavior is not welcome - .. May or not be aware that I say to stop an attacker to behave a certain way based here and has to make himself a victim of harassment and abuse victims should not expect total discretion -. Of course, the question should be included as a small people, but few people should know about it - the boss, chief of staff, etc.. - .... If you
harassment case, then you should talk to an aggressor and to find out how he sees the whole thing you have to get the information from both sides to get a complete picture of the incident to talk to witnesses
after discussions with all involved in this, you have to decide based on all the testimony and the prosecution is entitled and indeed there was a disturbance. You must also inform the parent company and find out what the rules about such things.
If the harassment is severe, does not come into consideration touching or assault, or let the police persuade the victim to do so. If, however, it was only a single incident as a harmless inform the offender that if this happens again threatened dismissal, disciplinary and enter the file.
If this happens again terminate the contract of an employee who is responsible for sexual harassment. Keep all records of the case, however. If he accuses the company of unjust breach of contract will be able to provide a complete record of its proceedings. It is better to do than not doing anything about it and their lack of action -. agree to any further harassment
be reasonable, calm and logical in its activities all data and documentation from the event will be your trump card when it comes to the process. Court. Nobody wants to be the case went to court you, so every effort to get things done properly, and most friendly. If in doubt, ask for help corporate lawyers or legal advisers.

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