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How to stop being a victim

How to stop being a victim of success are the people in our society wins

Successful people are the winners in our society, but what those factors are different from the rest of thoughts can come to some conclusions that show the difference between winners - people fail - and losers - the losers -. If not already be a victim and want to succeed in life, you must first change your way of thinking and acting.
man of success is focusing on solutions.
Lost focuses on the problem.
successful man is responsible.
loser blames other.
successful man sees opportunities in crisis.
loser complains to the crisis.
man likes to present the successes and learn from the past.
loser living in the past.
successful man makes promises and keeps them in all conditions.
loser promises and never keeps his word. success
man wonders how it can achieve the goal.
loser justified.
success puts man above all on personal development.
loser ignores their personal development. success
man faces his fears and take them to accept some
and to overcome them.
loser lives in constant fear.
man of success is constantly expanding your comfort zone.
loser is not the nose swings outside the sphere of comfort.
man of success, and still do.
loser to avoid any action.
successful man is wrong and learn about them.
loser is the fear of failure and avoids the all prices.
successful man is trying a different strategy if it is not satisfied with the results.
loser doing the same thing all the time and expect better results.
man defined success goals.
loser to avoid setting any goals.
a man of success is planning.
loser hates planning.
successful man believes that there is always something to learn.
loser considered an expert, even though they know little.
success is a modest man.
selfish loser.
man of success to constantly improve their qualifications.
loser puts little effort into improving your skills. success
man works hard.
loser avoids work.
man of success, if he decides do something, she puts all her heart.
loser, everything is done half-hearted. Man
not forgive success and all that - in an ethical manner - to achieve your goal
loser is subjected to, as soon as you reach obstacle
man of success managing your time well i. only take action that it may lead to the desired goal.
loser can not manage your time and losing him for such activities such as games or watching meaningless TV series.
man awakens dreams of success.
loser in bed dreaming.
man thinks about the possibility of success.
loser focuses on the obstacles that block success.
man is sure of its success.
loser still doubt it. success
man controls his destiny.
loser leaves everything to fate.
man succeed gives more than necessary.
loser takes more than giving.
wonder if Man Success the audience is moving in the right direction. If not, has a different way.
loser always goes with the crowd.
successful man thinks and works.
think so loser refuses to follow the other.
man success listens.
underdog battle for each other, in which he can speak.
successful man there is always a better way to do something.
loser remains one way to do something. success
man spends more money on training and seminars in order to continuously grow.
losers believe that spending money on training and seminars and is a waste of money to buy toys that provide immediate benefit.
man of success in helping others achieve success.
loser refuses to help, and thought only of their benefits.
man of success is people like me who can help him reach more more successful.
loser people like me who have confirmed that even more of hopelessness and failure.

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