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How to develop your mind

How to develop your mind to build up its mind, its never too late

Build your mind, its never too late There are 101 ways to change your way of thinking and personal development
u things that you paint / u If
thing that will change the way you think faster than anything else, it would be to overcome your fear come face to face with his enemy .. - anxiety.
u Stand up for yourself / u Lots of people have trouble with verbal defense of other attacks. If you can get away for the first time, your thinking will change forever. Read the article How to defend yourself against verbal attacks.
u stop talking / u
It is really advisable zamilczeć Yet for some time. Our thoughts began to flow and begin to appreciate more.
u strengthen their forces / u
Sometimes we focus exclusively on how to strengthen your weaknesses rather than focus on strengthening their skills.
u Travels in the gallery / u
It is possible that you can not appreciate art, but nothing bad will happen if some of the time we try to decipher the mind of artists involved in the canvas. It is possible that this type of exercise will help you better understand what is going on in the minds of others.
Tie u
eyes for the day / u
put in place a dead person for one day, and certainly the perception of your life will change forever.
u stand on a chair for 5 minutes a day / u
strengthen self-discipline is a great way to take control of your mind and thoughts. If you go on a chair, your brain starts to frantically ask what going to try and force you to go down. neatness own mind is a great way to start change in your life.
u dance when nobody is watching / u
dancing a strange feeling for him. We feel pretty stupid and clumsy. However, this behavior will allow us to relieve the inhibition.
u let someone unexpected money / u
whether it will be a donation online or on the street, give someone more money than you normally do. For instant access to your money is going to change - and start the process of change in your life -.
u start thinking about themselves in positive terms / u
appreciated if You can talk to. people and listen to them brag about it for yourself this great skill. If you are good at math, think about what you are wonderful. Be proud of yourself as possible. Such bluster will bring benefits in terms of strengthening self-esteem.
Make u
risk / u
Life would be boring if you never podejmowalibyśmy risk. Do something you do not want to do, because you think that you would not be in this good condition. In this way, to be demolished your comfort zone and your life will change forever.
u Talk to Stranger / u
different conversation with a stranger wnież shatters our comfort zone, however, usually saying good morning unknown person on the street will have a huge impact on your day, you and the person to whom you say the words of welcome.
u walk around the house naked / u
If you have not done it, surely you will not be easy to get. It is not the goal here is to walk in guests only when no other home. Close the door and totally rid of thinking about what is true and what is inappropriate. not have to walk naked through the house every day. Only once in a while and see if you feel great .
u read a book whose author has avoided most / u
by reading books to avoid giving us the opportunity to take control of our mind and lets us see my thoughts from a different perspective. We began to wonder why I really avoid is the author, or perhaps avoided something that is within us.
u friends about the work / u
Imagine a magazine that you asked to write an article that consists of 1,000 words or less. you write about yourself, about your life and what I like most about him motivated. writing articles will help you look at your life from a broader perspective and to persuade you to think about his childhood and adolescence.
u Stop meet with people who you dołują / u
If you have people in your company who are constantly dołują you all the time or are averse to anything that gets rid of them. stop to meet them, avoid them and get rid of them completely from your life.
Believe in yourself / u Lots of people believe that their lives are planned in advance, and you simply can not do anything to change destiny, and thus and your life -. g ... true that you are the only person who controls the universe -. Yes, just the whole universe is your universe is different than mine, so that each of us controls his own universe. Think about it and start believing in yourself and their abilities.
u meditate every day / u
Meditation is another thing that has a large enough power to change your way of thinking forever. day break his own mind a few minutes will allow you to change your way of thinking and perceiving world.
Request u hole / u
If you do buy at the store costs more than 300 zl seek discounts. Tell the salesperson you want a 10% discount. Most people are afraid or ashamed to ask for a discount, but it is a great way to believe in yourself and release inhibitions. After all, what could be wrong if you ask?
u Risky shame / u
Imagine that you can see a person of their dreams is standing in a bus or in a store and not do anything to meet her. How do you feel afterwards? If you are ever in this situation do not hide your feelings. Just go to the person and say it is very attractive and that you thought that you tell her about it. You never know what will happen if he acted in a way that his life could be for a change. You have no right to behave like crazy, and access to all the good looking person on the street.
u do something that You can feel impossible. / u
If you do something impossible to come by you will not believe you have succeeded, so it will not have expectations.
u Learn to be grateful / u
Everyone aware of this, what is not, because every day dreaming about something. And did we realize what we have? every day to spend as much time to give thanks for what you have to think about what you have and you would like to have.

u do something nice and they will tell you / u
usually talking about what we have done good to others, so glad you think about us. However, if you do something good and not tell anyone about it, youll feel the positive energy for much longer.
u Share your skills / u
Each of us has some sort of skill. teaching someone not only help him, but also to strengthen their skills.
u Do not talk just listen / u
Increase your listening skills ... stop eating when someone tells you to beat the desire to deliver their views when someone tells you about it just listen to this person and real moments put open questions This behavior has two advantages: first listen better and learn more than when formulating their thoughts into my head. 2, you can make another person feel better when I find that really listens to him.
in post his future life story / u
Start writing a story from the present moment and write a story about what happened yet, but you want to happen. Write in past tense, so that all events seemed to have been made. Write about your ideal future life and various events. Words have power and help you turn your dreams into reality.
u give someone a gift without any occasion / u
always assume that we will get a gift for a birthday, holidays, Christmas or any other special occasion to buy a gift for someone, but not in any way - .. just because you know that thing like it
u someone of his book / u
If you read the book and feel that somehow changed his opinion about life, to borrow someone else, in different; wnież benefited from
u Spend more time with their children / u
ago Before you know it, but time will pass and your children but adults have fun with them .. as many times as you can.
u Sorry Misconduct / u
different ways how anyone survived not necessarily reflect their true thoughts. Forgive me if someone behaves in a manner that is not praise.
u Give yourself a present sloth / u
we are used to fill our time in a minute, and have long forgotten what it is idle. Nothing works from time to time allow us to somewhat slow down, calm down and relax.
u What day is your forte / u
every morning for 10 seconds, say out loud what today is your domain. Try each day to say something else. This action will reinforce your strengths and debilitating weaknesses.
u Write / u
If you visit your favorite blog or website please leave a comment and join the discussion If there is no comment, but -. be one that, ry will set his first
u Tell your friends and colleagues as a great / u
If a friend or colleague do something nice, tell him as well u and activities. This simple action will strengthen the person and make him happy to do.
u Record and upload videos on Youtube / u
Why would you do? Just because you can!
u Print all your worries / u
make a list of all the things you worry about this time. Youll notice that I had so many worries, and you think you have. Worry us has much time for reflection, so We think that our life is a disaster. If everything written on paper will be very surprised many problems.
u find a solution / u
far as I have done all their problems on paper and read it again look for solutions. If you find problems that can not resolve it probably can not do. And if you do not have this effect does not forget them. Why waste so much time and energy on something you can not control?
u read about people who have achieved success / u
If you want to change your mindset and life to read about people who have done just that. This book will guide you.
u write about their daily humor / u
after a few months, you can check your humor fluctuations are not random. can be organized in the form.
u Stop watching stupid TV show / u
series -. especially in Brazil have a negative impact on your mind People are so caught up in this series, it appears that all major stakeholders concerns.
u take a break from the news / u
What will happen if you do not read the latest news in a week? Nothing . Your life is changed, it will still have something to talk about it, youll still be such a man as anyone else.
u Do something spontaneous / u
Take the bus without looking at it where to go, book your vacation, take a day off, take your partner for a date, buy the kids gifts. do all that would not otherwise have done.
u Write your favorite author / u
authors are the same people like you and I love to receive feedback on their work. If the book is touched or modified, to reserve a moment to write the author and thank him. Do not expect an answer. Just say thank you.
u Follow your instinct / u
We do not believe how much we need. often follow your instincts, pay attention to the signals your body gives you and see what happens.
If you have any money to give to charity / u

If you find money on the street do not hide them in your pocket. give it to someone homeless or better buy him food for the money. If this law is not only a briefcase with the money that is another story.

seafront Your thoughts are the real power / u
If you are aware that you realize that your thinking will change in several ways. even if you do not believe now that if you try to believe.
u always I admit mistakes / u
can not get the blame to others and not hide behind one of them back. Raise your hand and admit a mistake, no matter what the consequences will be. So you wake up more respect. In any case, I never blame others for your mistakes.
u every day is different b something that will improve the efficiency of your brain / u
learn some new words and solve a few puzzles verbal, logical, place sudoku, puzzle , read a book, post it on your favorite blog and nothing else, that would be just a little on your brain.
u Change your way of thinking / u
If something does not work or do not know how to solve it, Try to think about it in another sposóbiz different perspective. This applies to every problem, from smallest to largest.
u what you really want to do in life / u
Most people do not know the answer this question, because instead of living there. If you know what you really want to do your life will be a completely different dimension.
u Forward your knowledge / u
knowledge is there to share it. Let others know what you already know, if this is good and proper.
u for what you want / u
If you do not ask and do not ask, do not get it.
u pay for what someone gives you / u
if someone tells you a compliment to pay for it in the form of words of thanks and try in the future skomplementować someone else. Whenever I receive a gift, give someone the right time. It will be good to spread like a chain letters.
u always eat breakfast / u
not appreciate the importance of food as a measure that keeps your brain healthy and gives energy. If you do not have time for healthy eating, at least not forget the breakfast, which will give effect to this day.
u What will people say if you died? / u
not about all the associated thoughts of death and desire. just thinking about what was said at the funeral. What have you been? Have you been loving husband, good father, neighbor nice? Did you say that you are always true and fair man?
u Sing with all your heart / u
Find your favorite online radio stations , listen to music and sing! Maybe your colleagues will be very pleased, detailed, default .. if not have the ability, but it will improve the mood of you and them: A large selection of online radio stations can be found at http://www.fmonline. org
u love your partner / u
often do not show people where we want them to love the contrary -. are often more ruthless and unkind to people close to us than to strangers about Love. need to worry, because each day trying to show how a loved one are important to you and how much this means to you.
u increase the pace of learning / u
body and mind are stimulated through exercise, such as even a simple walk. increased blood flow in the body and brain will help you in learning and memory.
u get new friends / u
does not matter whether it is in real life or online. Maintaining social contact will stimulate your mind and let you view the world from another perspective.
u regular love / u
increase levels of endorphins in the blood of a large impact on the brain. more we will love you even more creative!
u Listening to music / u
Listening to music stimulates the brain and beneficial influence on our thoughts and lives.
u Instead of listening to the radio to listen to audio books / u
buy audio books - for example, from http: / / -. Listening to audio books is a great way to spend time behind the wheel and learn at the same time
. u Pośpij more / u
Maybe not a big fan of long sleep, however, stay in bed several hours longer to help you rejuvenate your body and mind.
u Turn off the TV / u
There is probably nothing more harmful to the brain and watch TV all the time. Exercise your mind when you read a book or at least watch the educational program.
Now, instead of save, and send it to something, just take out a credit card and buy it. Your card is too easy and too fast. Make your dream property becomes more valuable it saves. Save to discipline your mind and change the wasteful spending habits.
u Watch the video on YouTube Motivation / u
first thing you do when you wake up - before you could only drink water, because the body is dehydrated after a night which is bad for your body and brain -, go to Youtube, type in motivation and watch some movies. They will add these forces to work for the day.
u Keep up with new theories / u
Keep up to date on any area that interests you. New theories and discoveries are very interesting, especially in the field of psychology. Drank 30 cups a day is obviously not good, but 3-5 is very fine.
u Be sure / u Lots of people can be convinced to assess other people based on her gait. Come now and always as if you had a purpose.
u always have an opinion about it around you / u
listening or reading the various messages Try to independently analyze the obtained data. And governments and large corporations feed us with various information that we can manipulate. Do not let it affect your own judgment and opinion.
u Yoga / u
Yoga is one of the best ways to release stress and improve mental clarity.
u Switch hands / u Start
longer use their less dominant hand. If you start right-handed use your left hand and vice versa. If youre ambidextrous, use your legs.
u Eat plenty of fish / u
There is plenty of evidence that fish have a major impact on health and functioning of our brain.
u Drink less alcohol / u
be stopped completely should not drink it. You can just drink less.
u Stop Smoking / u
It can be difficult to do in my entire life, but worth it. How to quit smoking you will feel much better, youll have more energy and your brain will be more effective.
u Learn deep breathing techniques / u
So your mind to deliver more oxygen, which will bring benefit to pure thought.
u Treat yourself to a cat or dog / u
If you live alone why do not you go to the store and not buy a dog or cat. People who have pets at home are less lonely, more active and their stress levels are lower.
u break the routine / u
If you are a person B, who always do the same thing on a certain day or a way to break the routine and change something. This allows your brain to be more active.
u Try new foods / u
We have some eating habits for many years and usually eat each on certain things. If your choice is closed dishes in the kitchen to start new foods and new recipes.
u Awaken your mind in concert / u
It can be a rock concert, etc. With a brass band concert live and the people who play the same music pobudzisz and your mind and emotions.
u Join groups on the Internet / u
Join the discussion group to learn more about the subject. Do you want to spin your business? Want to know more about tropical fish? Join the appropriate group. Through discussion groups to find out more, pobudzisz your mind to work, coming up with new ideas and meet people with similar interests. Thousands of newsgroups can be found at
u Become a volunteer / u
There are thousands of people who would like to know what & ndash, so you can learn something. Even if you think that you have no skills yet, you can help someone with their communities - such as the fourth - with the purchase or just to meet someone lonely business
u. Read the book Tao Te Ching / u
is one of the best books that will stimulate your brain to work. Practice patience
seafront / u
wait in lines, traffic jam, or a combination can be very frustrating. If you use this time for personal growth and focus on your goals are frustrated very quickly dissipate. Instead of getting mad and angry, use this time to more constructive
seafront practice divergent thinking -. Creative - / u
This is achieved by finding the difference; żnych solutions to the problems currently facing in your life. Do not judge your ideas now just write them on paper until you can think of nothing else. You can also include others to do so. With such a storm drain can find a really good solution.
u Create a new hat / u
Edward de Bono has written a book called Six Hats book, proposes a unit of the cover in every area of ​​life. For example, in talking with children to take parental hat, playing with them, take a childs hat. Aware of the Establishment in a hat will help you better play different roles they play in your life.
u Stop trying to do more things at once / u
do several things at once with the unconscious processes, such as walking and speaking. If you are trying to do multiple tasks at once, such as children making breakfast, preparing them for school, and talking on the phone, actually doing them any less effective than they would do if they are not separated.
u Write a short essay about a book you can read / u
essay writing will make your brain will be more active. Read a book instead of just studying it further. Thank you in mind a lot more information and a few years ago not to say that what is usually, in fact, Yes, I know that this is a great book, but I totally do not remember anything.
u Take time to worry / u
If you have a concern that instead of thinking about them a whole day dedicated to them some time. As I passed this time, do not worry until the next day.
u Stop deal with nonsense and do what you would really / u Frequently
instead of the research project or dealing with a thousand other things - like cleaning -. Do what you have done, instead of wasting time on stupid. Thats what you do not do the same. Before you can for him, as soon as completed.
u Read dictionary / u
learning a new word every 2-3 days to increase your vocabulary Why is B 120-180 words per year,
u always keeps its promises / u
If you say something you do, it is good and even better to do so, without promise.

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