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How to find your passion

How to find your passion is the supreme achievement blur the distinction between work and play

supreme achievement to blur the distinction between work and play -. Arnold Toynbee labor of love is a dream many of us because what could be more pleasant to spend time on the day. About what you like? Morning rise of self- motivated, with a smile on your face and you can not wait until you start working. story? Maybe so, but it is very achievable. All you need to do is find your passion.
This article does not explicitly tell you what is your passion, but it will help you find
u What are you good at / u
.? Even if you are learning you have some talents and skills. Now you can show that a few years ago, so even in childhood. Perhaps you have always been good at writing, speaking, drawing, organizing, creating, teaching someone, or be a friend. Maybe you had a great idea, you were able to reconcile the people were good gardener or seller Give yourself some time to thinking - that we often forget what weve done well I remember the whole history -. all tasks, projects, hobbies, odd jobs. May you find that youll find a few or even several things you can replace it. begin working your list of potential passion.
u What excites you? / u
could be something at work -. some small part that you enjoy doing incredibly It can be anything, what do you do after work - hobbies, casual employment, volunteer work, something you do as a parent, spouse or friend .. It can be something that you are not already a long time again, think about all the events Give yourself half an hour -. at least 15 minutes -. Add more items to the list
. u What are you reading? / u
Which pages you browse the Internet and what items you are most interested in? What magazines and newspapers can be bought? What you see blogs regularly? go to the bookstore where you spend most of the topics? time can be a lot of topics that interest you -.? write them all on the list
u What secret dreams / u Can
have dreams about the beautiful work that you do - you might want to be a writer, artist Fashion designer, architect, doctor, entrepreneur, developer Some thought that this kind of dreams are unrealistic and rejected?. Regardless if you think likely to meet or not - to add to your list
u Learn , ask questions, take notes / u
.. Ok, now you have a list of Mark on the things you most excited about this will be your first candidate now and read about people who were successful in this business and talk to them - through the blog ... if such behavior, or send this e -. Make a list of things you should learn, improve skills that you should get and people should learn to speak, but do not let it wait too long before the next one. In

u experiment a try. / u
This brings us to the true science. If you have not yet begun today to start dealing with things that you choose. You can do it after hours at home, but try as soon as possible to make a lot of people learned about his new occupation. This will motivate you and give you feedback. pay attention to how you feel in this paper - is something that you wait impatiently, something that excites you, exciting, something you want to share
u drawn regardless of the item ?. / u
Choose from the list to 3-5 position. If the list of things that interest you more to go back to
on the 5th and 6th May take months. If, however, all possible competition from the list youve learned and tried to ask, what makes you a most enjoyable? What is most exciting? allowing you to create something that people will pay or will be delighted with your product What profession do you see yourself doing for many years - even if it is not a traditional career path - Select one or maybe two interests and to focus on them now have to go back
: banish your fears, and find time to make a career if possible if fails, select the next item on the list - do not be shy of earlier failures, because each failure gives you a very valuable lesson. help you achieve success at the next attempt.
u time out. / u
have time to exercise your passion? Need to know: if this is your top priority is to find him. It may mean getting up earlier, work after hours or on weekends.
u How to make a living doing what you love. / u
It probably will not happen overnight. you need to do something, to become good at, passionate about it. Can you take it back months or even years, but if you are at the same time is fun time on it fast and pleasant . When you get to the point that someone wants to pay for their work have a feeling that life is great. There are many ways to get to this point, you can create ebooks, be a consultant, write a blog, or to advertise. indicate, however, writing blog - it will help you to gather your thoughts, build reputation, how to find people who have similar interests, to demonstrate their knowledge and passion
Finding your passion will not be easy It will require a lot of research, science, vacuum ... B, experiments at the end of the great devotion
West, however, it all pays off - eventually you will have something that will change your life in many ways will give you a reason to jump on the bed of joy.

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