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How to be energetic in the morning

How to be energetic in the morning in the morning if you feel that you do not want to, you have no reason to get out of bed and want to date is now complete and you lie again, youre not alone

morning, if you feel that you do not want to, you have no reason to get out of bed and want to date is now complete and you lie again, you are not alone Z. Research shows that more people have problems with motivation in the morning. But there are simple ways to order shortly after waking up to the full motivation and energy.
u immediately get out of bed / u
worst thing you can do to immediately after waking up from bed. lying, and You ask: Get up, get up or not, or maybe even 10 minutes, 5 or more. The longer you wait to get up, the more you feel miserable. To avoid this, instead of putting the alarm clock beside the bed, take it to another room in the evening. In the morning will have no choice and youll get up to turn it off.
u Drink a large glass of water / u
As we go out of bed, go to kitchen and drink a big glass of water. Remember to do this immediately after the wake. morning our body is very dehydrated, and lack of water in the body causes fatigue. After drinking water will be lively and motivated to action.
u stretching / u
If you stretch every morning for 5-10 minutes, youll have a much better day stretching legs, arms, shoulders, neck - .. whole body tension increases circulation and blood flow in all the cells in our body. It is especially important at night, when our body is motionless for hours. increase blood circulation affects the flow of energy and she, in turn, on motivation.
u Remember your goals / u Morning
usually do not remember the their targets, who lived on the previous evening. Everything is invalid and behave as if they had at least amnesia. So, a good solution to this problem is the suspension of the bed do list for the day, as well as long-term tasks and goals. recall list and you need to do why is important.
u Music / u

Constantly smiling makes you start to sound and look artificial, it will quickly be noticed by a person engaged in employment. Laugh if its something to laugh and enjoy.
u Language not only anything / u
Your task is to gain knowledge about a company in which you are applying. News on the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars will help you to get a job. Never try to meet during the interview talking about unimportant things. Talk about serious matters relating to the company and its operations. Moments of silence will be more than empty talk.
u not sweat / u
you lose your job in the sense that it is too hot ubrałeś. Sweaty palms and beads of perspiration on his forehead does not make a good impression. Do not apply to personal business coach. Sweating is a sign of your weakness and nervousness.
u will be the cornerstone of the way / u
recruiters looking for candidates willing to undertake ambitious tasks. Indecision and speaking can be for you as a red card. Even if we consider a normal response to a conversation I always say that.
u Do not be petty / u
question about the site canteen or hall conference will be the recruiter an indication of your lack of preparation and initiative. Prepare. Do not ask for such things as the size of the room where you had to work, etc. The length of the pause breakfast
u not lie / u
Research shows that people often lie in the workplace. Lying will not help you get the job. In an interview for a job does not pass even the most innocent lie. Never stretch the truth on your resume or your accomplishments and achievements. One lie can outshine the entire interview and the recruiter will show you the exit door.
u not be a bad comedian / u
Humor is very subjective. Although it is May be tempting zażartowanie about something you have to be very careful. Your friend can not have a sense of humor. On the other hand, does not perform as well as the voltage at the job interview as a little joke, so you can try to win yourself some fine points of attention in the style of the perfect time for the interview.
not have high expectations / u
If you start talking about the ideal temperature in the office chair for your aching plecówiw perfect water bottle to be filled, it is likely that recruiters last when you smile and say goodbye, no matter how wonderful the experience and skills. No employer will not tolerate this type wydziwiań at work.
u Do not waste your time / u
At each interview, recruiters have a plan to ask some specific questions at the same time. Let, therefore, do not pull it time to ask irrelevant questions and elaborate on the discussions. Observe the people who carry with them an interview. It will certainly be well received.
u cancer does not / u
interview you can expect questions about his past work and the reasons why patients want to change it - or why you are there do not work -. Never say anything bad about the previous employer. He speaks of him with awe and respect. Your prospective employer knows that the future will be written about in the same way he wants, no matter to be loyal to him.

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