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How to make a good impression at the interview

How to make a good impression on an interview with The difference between you and other trainees, not education, experience, and represented

difference between you and other trainees, not education, experience, and be representative of most employers break the rules if you could call them to recognize your face Here are some good tips on presenting a potential employer: Select
.. the right dress. You can choose tailored pants, skirt to the knee or longer. No matter what dress you choose should be compatible. If your choice is the shirt will be a great addition sweater. full dress shoes and tights. Your appearance should be neat and decent, and their clothes should be ironed.
not neglect personal hygiene. In the morning take a shower before the interview. Decide on a classic dress. If you are applying for a job in a company associated with fashion, then you can dress up a bit braver. with the idea that demonstrates professional
Prepare answers to a few sample questions such as house -. What can you bring to the company home page - What is your greatest achievement in life, Home - If you encounter problems they carry with them home -? If you do not make was inconsistent with someone from work, how to solve
Be sure and do not slouch, your back straight Greet strong, firm handshake, I smile. Learn how the name of the person who will be interviewed. Do not be afraid to use his name several times .
Ask questions, conversation is a dialogue between two people. Answer questions about yourself, and you ask what challenges await you in the new job.
end of the interview, thank you for your time. not be just because, say Thank you for taking your precious time to talk. It shows respect and awareness that you know that it is worth spending time to talk with you is important to you. After he left, left a note that we thank you for the interview that you are interested to work on and it is a great place for you. It is very often overlooked
, which will remind the person as an employer.

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