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How to become a pilot

How to become a pilot certainly not watched the pilot, who walked around his aircraft, and wondered what to do to be in place

Certainly not once seen the pilot, who walked around his aircraft, and wondered what to do to be in place above the admiration of the worlds real attraction of most pilots, he likes his job because they have the pleasure of flying. If you want too try in aviation, read these instructions.
Before you decide whether you want to be a pilot, learn the secrets of this profession. Look for information on the Internet, read a book. If you still insist in their decision to continue the action.
Look in your local area for a good flight school and enjoys a good reputation for the instructor to begin private lessons in the pilot.
You must obtain a certificate from a doctor, who is the subject of the training facility. best to apply for them before the course. If your health you do not allow your resume, so youll save time and money.
consider further education. Because pilots must meet the special schools. must reckon with the fact that these courses are very intensive and costly.
course begins with the theoretical part, which ends with the examination. must know the structure of the aircraft, aerodynamics, laws and regulations and many other necessary information. Obtaining a positive result will allow you to undertake further training.
training on the aircraft is much more difficult. Under the supervision of the instructor know all the secrets of the profession. your first airplane flight headed surely be unforgettable.
After fulfilling all the conditions and consumption at the head of an adequate number of flight hours, you get a pilot license. Now you can continue training or to sign up for the Aero Club and use newly acquired skills.

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