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How to deal with stress

How to deal with the stress of changing certain habits, we can eliminate most sources of stress from our lives, but lives completely free of stress, it is not possible

changing certain habits, we can eliminate most sources of stress from our lives, but lives completely free of stress Stress is not possible to answer the many challenges of living a life without challenge is boring and pointless .. However, I believe that most stress is totally unnecessary and can be removed by taking some simple and
u Identify stressors. / u

This is the first
eliminate stress. To recognize the enemy will not be able to him to fight. take 10 minutes to think about all the things that you pointed during the day. What kind of people who started and things that upset not to make a list of the 10 major causes of stress, make sure that it can be eliminated and find ways to mitigate these factors, You can not avoid it.
u Eliminate unnecessary commitments. / u
Each of us has many obowiązkóww life of work and family obligations and liabilities of the spouse, children, family, society, religion , hobbies and much, much more. Think about each of their obligations to these rates - whether any of them worth a dose of stress that you gave
u procrastination?. / U
Each of us, of course not. However, the delay performance of certain duties, which seems to begin to accumulate in the head and causes even more stress. Do what you have done and never anything for later.
u lack of organization. / U
Each of our somewhat disorganized. No organization, however, is one of the causes of stress. Try to do every day all the little things in order and order - for example, make my bed every day, clean the table, compare the messages in your e-mail, calendar store all appointments and important dates -.
Fra u late. / U
Lack of time and the delay has always bothered us. The habit of accuracy and stress will disappear. Get up early and go home earlier. You will have enough time, you will not have to hurry up and ride more enjoyable. Try to be everywhere 10 minutes before the time - youll see its a nice feeling
seafront. Control. / U
pozjadaliśmy not all minds in the world. I know that every time I dream about it, it would be wisest. Behave in a way that I know better is a great way to annoy myself and others. Let me work with people in their own way, to accept their way of thinking and accept all the possible solutions to the situation, and not play with anything. Always be ready for the best and worst. The only thing you can control yourself - learn to control the first and only later to control the whole world. Learn the delegation of tasks and responsibilities.
Opatija road many tasks at once. / U
taking a few steps at a time of May seem to be very effective, but the reality is quite the opposite. Inability to concentrate on complex tasks performed through the whole process is very slow work. Apart from doing several things at the same time is very stressful.
u save energy. / U
excessive and unnecessary tasks is extremely comprehensive. Often even think about the task awaiting us, we feel that we are completely leave the force. Eliminating minor tasks that do not want or need to keep the energy that will help you to effectively execute the things that are really important to you. Removing these tasks will be less stress and more energy.
Opatija road People avoid conflict. / U
Identify people who annoy you - whether a head-in-law, coworker, customer, friend, etc. Print on paper the names of all the people who make your life harder. Find ways to avoid them and be with them as little in common. Sometimes it can be difficult, but just think how much stress and nerves in the future you will be saved.
Room Opatija road authorities. / U
not necessary to save the schedule every minute of life. Avoid meetings. Instead, arrange meetings, try to resolve the issue via e-mail or telephone. If not, ask the person to be on the phone - as youll be free at any time, you will be able to meet
u Issue .. / U
Instead of running through life, learning to walk. Do everything slowly. Enjoy food, enjoy the people heard you, admire nature. Such action will relax you and you will not have to feel so tired and stressed.
Opatija road other assistance. / U
You May Be Surprised - why am I in adding more responsibilities if I eliminate them? Selflessly helping others really lifted our confidence, improve mood, energy and above all reducing stress. In short - helping others makes our lives better
u Relax during the day .. / U
are very important mini-break at work. Take a break from what you do, fresh, rub your neck, shoulders, arms, head and hands. Stretch, go a few
to drink a glass of water. Pooddychaj go out and fresh air. Talk to someone you like. You do not need to be productive throughout their lives. How have the option to walk away from your computer and have fun. Do not act superior online social life on it in reality. Instead, talk to your friends via MSN, in accordance with them really.
u Cancel the current job. / U
This is a drastic method to de-stress - too drastic for most people. However, in many cases, this job is the biggest stress factor. Get a second job that you like and enjoy it every day. In this way, your life will be fuller, and youll be happy and forget what it was stress. But remember that the correct sequence -. First, find your dream job, and then release the one you get tired and stressful
u practice. / U
exercise can help reduce stress and relax. With the exercise will also be healthier and less painfully. But illness, disease, pain is also a lack of associated stress.
u eat. / U
With a healthy diet, as well as through physical exercise, youll be healthier that way to avoid stress-related illnesses. In addition, fatty foods causes many people on the humor that immediately translates into higher levels of stress.

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