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How to control your anger

How to control your anger There are many ways to control anger, some are more or less effective

There are many ways anger under control, some are more or less effective results depend on the methods or attributes of our nature is why we combine several techniques simultaneously Here are some tips on how to learn to govern. Over their anger.
Look u.
/ u Fastest say goodbye to their negative feelings by changing your attitude about the situation. easiest way to change your physical state, such as directing his eyes in another direction. most common sign of our anxieties is to look down. So if you think you overcome anger quickly look at.
other things that can be done to control the anger
Arise, and let the air from the lungs to be heard a sigh.
Change the term face.
Come to the window, through which the suns rays fall.
Jump to 10 times. shawl dance is funny.
neck massage with one hand while singing Happy Birthday.
/ ul
Try this next time, when you get upset and you have negative thoughts.
u Think what you want / u
sit down and make a list of things you might want to get rid of the current situation. Your task is to describe the final result that would like to see. what you write is to be understood, realistic and fair. Be detailed in your description. Specify the date on which you want to see results.
when all they planned and wrote, The next time you feel that you fall into anger, focus is on that list.
During this exercise, you will realize that your fears are unfounded and frustration, and material things that they wanted is no longer so important. Clarity is an important thing .
seafront eliminate such phrases as no or can not, etc. / u
Words such as no and can not focus their attention on things that do not want. Language is a powerful weapon, it can affect our subconscious and eventually our feelings. If you want to say to catch one of these words, ask yourself, why not replace them with others, with opposite meanings. For example, instead of says we do not want war, you can say we want peace.
u In search of light / u
darkness only light can be eliminated -. such as lamps or sun -. In this way, negative feelings can be replaced by positive ones. Keep in mind that no matter what happens in the open air or in our minds, we always have choices and speaks in a calm and positive.
I know its hard to do when its hot in the fire of emotion But Im very optimistic and believe that we can go hand in defense of any situation. draw some lessons from this lesson. Find a peaceful solution to situations that have survived. Find the light, allowing you to illuminate the darkness of the mind.
Place Wrong . / u

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