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How to avoid pickpockets

How to avoid pickpockets pickpocket the bane of many tourists and residents in major tourist cities

Pickpockets are the bane of many tourists and residents in major tourist cities, it is undoubtedly the case that most do not know when and where they robbed us certain things Pick-pocketing is usually worse in the summer .. is associated with increased tourist traffic throughout the world. pickpockets know exactly how to approach us, as a hook, and what a steal. requires sacrifice very quickly. Remember that opportunity makes a thief. If we know what to tempt pickpockets thereby reducing the risk that someone will rob us. It should be aware that pickpockets work. Often they do not work. They have many helpers. After reading this article and the application of these guidelines will become a safer place for pickpockets and alluring land in crowded places.
First, as As mentioned before pickpockets operate in the most touristic places in the world. Every place of contact of different cultures are mixed and there is noise and constant movement. It may be, among other things, subway, old town, market, and even disco. In you have this kind of theft? pickpocket can act alone or in groups. Sometimes we remove something from an open bag that holds around his waist, and sometimes may be tempted to more sophisticated methods. It can be, for example, aggression in the streets, and also to break action that can be separated. At this point, the action comes second pickpocket who uses our moment of carelessness and the theft occurs.
point is not to feel constantly threatened. I just need to keep a few basic rules. Thanks to minimize the risk of being robbed. Certainly they are in crowded places we keep our bags at the front. Of course, it should be closed.
often happens that the pickpockets are watching us earlier, eg when shopping. So try to avoid showing the contents of the portfolio other. If a thief sees that we have a lot of money, it will certainly want to get. good solution to credit card payment, but remember to quietly pocket the PIN.
Do not keep your money in one place only. It is best to put them in several places. Some of the money in the pocket bags. What should be in the bag? Avoid carrying a purse in one of the keys to the apartment and address information. It can create. readiness to attack as soon
Avoid placing valuables in external pockets of clothing especially when closing Velcro or button them the best deal in hard to reach places - like inside .. clothes - or tight pants pockets, but avoid wearing anything in the back pocket. Remember to be careful in crowded places especially.

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