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What you should know going in Saudi Arabia

What you should know his way to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula

Saudi Arabia is a country located on the Arabian peninsula, Saudi neighboring countries are: ... Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen capital of the countrys Riyadh Saudi Arabia is a country very exotic, as opposed to the Polish. come to explore the country without the knowledge of his subject may be exposed to serious consequences. It is associated with very strict rules, and with religion. This is one of the fastest-growing countries. occupies the 20th place by size of economy Although the This country has the potential for tourism -. climate, landscape, rich cultural -. not using it is linked to issues of cultural, religious, etc. So, when you go to Saudi Arabia should know some basic things. Here are some useful tips.
First, before you go to see the visa rules and regulations in force in the country. citizens of our country are obliged to apply for a visa. important to note that in principle, every visitor must have a local sponsor or the person who will take over responsibility for it during your stay. not, however, can be a consulate. Some time ago I was introduced to facilitate visas for businessmen. choosing to Arabia, remember that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Visas are not issued at the border.
next? Because of the strict rules of the countries there is a ban on lead in any amount of drugs and pornography. penalty for possession of drugs is very strict. This is a death sentence. So, people who are carrying medicines should not be prescriptions written by doctors. Otherwise it may be associated with serious consequences. severely punished for drinking, possession or manufacture of alcohol.
tourists are included to help people cope residence passport or identity card and a photocopy of the passport certified by the employer . It is important to note that the penalties against morality strictly penalized. Basically a high fine and whipping frequently. Homosexuality is a crime.
must respect the rules of morality? First, you should be aware of the fact that the dominant religion Islam in Arabia. the official doctrine of Wahhabism, the most rigorous form of Islam. For this reason, often to countries violating human rights Penalties are prescribed. for min. wearing mini skirts or shorts. police respond very quickly. example is provided for theft of a finger Cut a criminal, and sometimes the whole hand. living from tourism in Saudi Arabia must have clothes that cover your body. Women can not drive a car.
in Saudi there is no one from the Catholic Church, because it is forbidden. Christians can not remain in Mecca and Medina. forbidden to have a Bible, crosses or Christian publications. You can use the sanctuary embassy.

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