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History and Cieszyn

. History of Cieszyn Cieszyn is one of the oldest cities in Poland

is one of the oldest Polish cities Legends say that the settlement was established at the intersection of three brothers: Leszek, Czech Republic and Bolek, about the ninth century, this event marks the three brothers, which is located near ... City Market is located at the foot of Beskid Mountains interesting Cieszyn in 1920 was divided into two parts with Olza -. between the Polish and Czechoslovak -. left part of the country belongs to the Polish town has a distinctive medieval street pattern for centuries, small changes were introduced ... Cieszyn multiculturalism and impresses with its beautiful monuments below the more important monuments and attractions in Cieszyn
tour can start from Castle Hill, where one of the oldest Christian churches, namely, the Romanesque Rotunda - .. on account dwudziestozłotowym. was probably in the eleventh century, then we can go to the Piast Tower, where you can see the whole panorama of the city -. view will probably long remain in our memories do not forget your camera, it can be very convenient - ... Vary see the castle of Cieszyn - Hunting palace of the Habsburgs in the past -. which is now a center of research of material culture and music school
Then we can go to the Old Market By the way, we see that Adam Mickiewicz Theatre, which was in the nineteenth century - .., .. but in the baroque style - the market is worth paying attention to the source St. Florian, which occupies the central place of the old town an interesting place is the Under the Brown Deer, where they lived for the last czars and emperors Then we see the following churches: the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene., St. George - a breakthrough fourteenth and fifteenth centuries - Church of the Holy Trinity - the sixteenth / seventeenth century -. lets go then to the Church of St. Marys - its too late Baroque buildings we can still get to the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia -. is the art exhibits, art, photography -. and print
Another trip point is Cieszyński Bracka Castle Brewery, which has more than 165 years -. He is currently the only brewery Zywiec Group, in which fermentation takes place in open troughs beer can. drink in local pubs.
then we can go in Czech part of the city, where the interesting town hall. should mention the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On the Czech side is much less historical, but also a nice place.

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