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What to explore in Wrocław?

What needs to be explored in Wroclaw Lots of Gothic cathedrals, quaint little streets, rivers, cities

Lots of Gothic cathedrals, quaint little streets, the river that the city - are characteristic of Wroclaw city is located in the south - western part of Poland .. probably arose out of town, founded in the sixth century in the cathedral of the island 1000 years in. diocese was established in Wroclaw is a city created the Odra and its tributaries popularly called Polish Venice, because the midwives are many small islands - .. It is estimated that the city has more than 300 bridges -. Wroclaw is part of our country worth visiting. Heres what visit, be in Wroclaw
we can start our traditional trip to the Old Market, where the Old Town Hall, which for centuries has been revised and expanded, with the result that a lot of mixed architectural styles - from the fact that mainly Gothic style prevails -. interesting element is the astronomical clock in the basement is a cellar Świdnicka, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe, New Town Hall is the seat of mayor of the town market square we can admire the restored historic buildings in. .. relax and drink coffee in a restaurant also, the market hosts many concerts , festivals, exhibitions and presentations organized by -. it is also a cultural center -.
Staying with the culture, you can opt for Centennial Hall, where many concerts and music festivals - for example, for several years held the sound of One Love Festival For those who love reggae music -. designer of modernist buildings Max Bergs building was founded in the twentieth century, Hall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Then we can go to the Cathedral Island, which has ceased to be an island in the nineteenth century, as one of the Oder odłóg was overwhelmed. Do not miss the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which is the largest church in Wroclaw. was built in the Gothic style. large space, beautiful images of saints tend to reflect and inspire admiration.
More One point may be traveling Wroclaw Zoo, where there is plenty of exotic and interesting animals. zoo is also a place where you can drink or eat anything daw, if you get hungry.
Finally, we can see the city from the water perspective, going on a trip Boat on the River Oder. While traveling a little we can do a lot of unique photographs many places in Wroclaw.
Happy exploring!

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