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As seen in Schreiberhau?

As seen in Schreiberhau Szklarska Poreba, 9 thousandths of the city lies at the foot of the Sudeten border Szrenica giant and a safe place where we stop for a moment

Szklarska Poreba, 9 thousandths of the city lies at the foot of the Sudeten border Szrenica giant and a safe place where we stop for a moment, in principle, all this mountain lovers of nature, or thirsty. Madness on the slopes or curious sights will find something for themselves. Here are some suggestions of what this place must not be ignored.
close to town, there are two waterfalls. Kamienczyk waterfall, 27-meter waterfall, is also the largest of its kind in the Polish Sudetes. located about 2 hours walk from the center of Szklarska Poreba. In the immediate vicinity of the road in Jelenia Góra also find a 13-meter waterfall Szklarki.
century, the industry provided by the city was the first production of glass and glass factory was established here back in the fourteenth century. Up Today, old traditions are kept alive even in the Forest Hut is located on the street Kołłątaja 2, available for tourists. you can see the manual design of glass and glass-melting products.
In the field there is no shortage of interesting museums. In the nineteenth century house of brothers Hauptmann Giant branch museum, where you can find writers memorabilia, antique furniture and glass with glass houses. Mineralogical Museum offers visitors a collection of about 2,500 objects, minerals and fossils from around the world, along with the cosmic emphasis in the form of Gibeon meteorite.
youngest will find something for everyone. in a wooded area about 10 hectares Dinopark is where we find life-size reconstructions of dinosaurs. You can also opportunities to learn about extinct species.
thrill lovers can not miss Raven Rocks lying at an altitude of 718 m, eg m, where the rope was placed. Rocks are also ideal viewing point, among other things, Jizera.
Another famous place is called the curve of death - the place .. Szklarska Poreba and Świeradów Zdrój, where the road turns 180-degree turn owes its name to the fatal accident that occurred here in the past from the point of view. who is here, you can enjoy Jeleniogórski Valley.
In the city there are several churches, which are considered the most interesting cemetery church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary . temple dates from 1650 and it was the first Catholic church has resulted Schreiberhau.
Szrenica set the path for the five ski slopes. For example, Szrenica enter the elevator to see the incredible panoramic view of Jizera and giant slalom

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