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Where to go skiing in the Dolomites Tips for advanced skiers

Where to go skiing in the Dolomites Tips for advanced skiers Italian Dolomites mountains is extraordinary, providing the highest level Schussing

Italian Dolomite mountains are unusual, rapidly provides the highest level in the Dolomites youll find everything you exercise your legs and thirsty eyes desire is one of the largest centers in Europe and a symbol of the ski area Italia ...
Val Gardena is famous throughout the world, set among the skiers. and all thanks to the black route Saslong. Every year there are events on the Alpine World Cup. to measure it to be really good techniques and skills of trained years. SzusujÄ…c Saslong, you feel like a true champion . in Val Gardena, skiers can enjoy the 100 km of ski trails and challenging medium-heavy and 20 km for the most advanced black.
Val di Fassa is the ideal place for lovers of strong emotions. Every year we meet a lot of supporters here drive off the slopes. Ski-mountaineering, or freeriding is growing by leaps and bounds here. hardest time considered Col Margherita, where there are places with very steep slopes. It is difficult mountain range is sure to deliver lots of adrenaline, but it requires much self-control and strong, trained legs.
Marmolada, Queen of the Dolomites. glacier slopes, skiers can enjoy almost year round. One of the quickest routes to Porta Vescovo, and one of the longest on the Sella Ronda, after which, according to a clockwise direction you can drive all day. In the end, more than 50 km to go. for ambitious climbers prepared two routes starting from the opposite side of the street from the Sella Ronda. These are the black runs, steep and very dangerous. They must be directly accessible from Arabba express thanks to the chair lift.
San Martino di Castrozza / Passo Rolle ski area has now been extended to the south, and the beautiful landscape that we see the sunset in the Dolomites. year, about 85% sunny days, and about 95% track the artificial snow. almost vertical slope Paradiso for driving without hands and only for the selected route. As if that was not enough, we are still hard, trzykilometrowÄ… time with many curves, drawn by Tognola Uno.
Vialattea means the Milky Way and that it is a country. Vialattea is over 400 km of slopes, including 70 km of pistes in the black. All songs here are connected with each other, so we have to remove the skis for a moment, the most famous Kandahar Slalom course is a slope - .. 43.5%

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