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As seen in Karpacz?

As seen in Karpacz standing at the foot of Snow White Schreiberhau Karpacz is another popular resort in the Sudetenland

standing at the foot of Snow White Schreiberhau Karpacz is another popular resort in the Sudetenland in a busy and full of tourists usually find a few places worth to see Meet some of them ... Visit
Wang. building was founded in the twelfth century in Norway. In the nineteenth century, bought it for 427 brands Frederick IV, King of Prussia, but for some reason abandoned the intention of transferring property in Berlin. Instead, the Church hit the Giant Mountains, where he had served the local Lutherans . temple is built of Norwegian pine, preserved in the twelfth century design. This is one of 24 such facilities in the world, and only one located outside Norway.
Go to the Toy Museum. founder of the museum is Henryk Tomaszewski, founder of the Wroclaw Mime Theatre in 1995 was a place that is a manifestation of his passion in collectors cabinets in a building - Kazimierz .. Wisniak project - dolls will live and play scenes from real life in homes, shops and cafes. Dolls come from different parts of the world, each has its own story. They are made of different materials, so we find here as a wax doll of German, Czech dolls from corn husks, or Inuit stone dolls. Museum is an unforgettable attractions for children and again a little older will move into the world of childhood.
Stars the place of gravitational anomalies. In a certain part of the street Strażacka phenomenon can be observed, it is still astonishing. Despite falling gently down the road the car is idling left just roll up, for example, behaves similarly poured water on this site. According to some scientists anomaly is the result of an optical illusion, where the terrain does not allow for the assessment of the terrain and what we perceive as the way to the edge of the hill really. Studies have shown however that at this point, gravity is reduced by about 4 percent. Youll definitely want to see the same phenomenon.
area offers something for fans of the Wild West. between Karpacz and tendons in the area of ​​about 5 ha has 12 buildings sustained in this climate with the sheriffs office or salon. You can see when you visit a bank robbery, shooting air gun, or try to grilled foods.
worth seeing wild waterfall. Firewall built in the early twentieth century to prevent the devastating floods in the past caused by mountain river Lomnica. With this solution, Karpacz was injured when the next big flood in 1997, wild waterfall has become a favorite resort.

On top of Snow White, tourists can admire the Observatory. building resembles the shape of flying saucers, and serves the function of hotel and hostel with its observation deck with panoramic views of the Giant Mountains.

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