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You need to remember going to Egypt?

You need to remember going to Egypt for the holiday season continued in Poland, because the weather can be capricious, more and more people choose to travel abroad, often only in Egypt?

Holiday season and beyond, and in Poland, because the weather can be capricious, more and more people choose to travel abroad, often only Egypt but the country is well suited to handle tourist traffic, but remember there are several selection principles that will allow you to enjoy a safe holiday.
main problem is water, keep in mind that water is definitely not suitable for drinking, but it also means that it should not be Rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth or washing vegetables For all these activities, the use of potable water, which is commonly available in the hotel in a sealed bottle Besides, do not forget to order a drink on the premises without the ice cubes - .. because they can be made from kranówki - and look, mineral water is transferred from the bottle into a glass front our eyes.
remember to visit the premises of the Egyptians love tips and best figures of dollars, if the waiter wręczymy account, we can be sure that the services to be royally.
usually not worth buying a currency: Egyptian pounds, as everywhere in this country we pay in dollars, which - if we - a lot easier back in exchange
In almost all museums and historical buildings are shooting. extra, and take pictures with flash is forbidden If you want to make a photograph, should be ask her for permission should also make photographs that depict the misery of the country
Lord - ... especially blondes - no need, and go on secluded walks around the city, and certainly it is dangerous to elaborate on the conversations with strangers, men or even worse, which allows it to trip.
If you have problems with your stomach, it is best to buy local medicine called Antilan that we get at any pharmacy, the specificity of our country are not always effective.
be prepared for the fact that public restrooms are rare in Egypt, and if we find some, we find that the level of cleanliness leaves much to be desired, but the toilet paper in place, we can only dream.

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